Time to support your team on St. Patrick's Day

Fri, Mar 16

Ah, St. Patrick's Day. The 24-hour span when anyone can pretend to be Irish (though thankfully you don't have to pretend to be a Notre Dame fan).

In case your lime green leisure suit is still at the dry cleaner's, consider wearing gear from a sports team that includes green in the color scheme:

N.Y. Jets: Coach Rex Ryan is missing a golden opportunity to launch a line of St. Patrick's Day-themed Jets sweatshirts. Hey, why should rival Bill Belichick corner the market on party hoodies?

Boston Celtics: Good news! You can still wear your green Rajon Rondo jersey in public after dodging the bullet of seeing him traded to the Lakers.

Green Bay Packers: Although if you still wear a No. 4 Favre jersey, you're more likely to be celebrating Groundhog Day than St. Patrick's Day.

Oregon football: This team changes color schemes more often than leprechauns move their pot of gold hiding place, but we're pretty sure green remains an option. Bonus: If you're wearing top-of-the-line Nike Ducks gear, you're wearing a material that won't be available to the public until St. Patrick's Day 2145.

Notre Dame basketball fan gear: It's never too early to break out the Notre Dame New Orleans Final Four commemorative T-shirt. Oops, too soon?

Augusta National green jacket: If you own one, odds are everyone in the bar is buying drinks for you.

Tour de France: The yellow jersey is the famous one, but the leader of "points classification" wears green. Important safety tip: Even cyclists need a designated driver when the St. Pats bars close.

Oakland A's: Why fight the crowds? Stay home, crunch numbers for your fantasy baseball draft and enjoy another screening of "Moneyball."

Miami Dolphins: OK, they're more of a turquoise. But Fins fans certainly are sporting visible envy against whoever signs Peyton Manning.