5 great quotes to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Sat, Mar 17

One of the great traditions of St. Patrick's Day is the wearing of the green.

What better way to celebrate the great sports quotes of St. Patrick's Day than by celebrating the great quotes of sports figures with the last name of Green or Greene.

1. You come out hurting all over, and what didn't hurt didn't work."

-- Jim Otto, on facing Mean Joe Greene

2. "We took a vote as to what he might have said, whether it was 'golly' or 'gosh'?"

-- Randy Pfund, on A.C. Green, an ordained minister, being thrown out of a basketball game

3. "Golf is tougher than my first wife."

-- Ken Green, pro golfer

4. "I don't anticipate any of them going out and getting jobs. A few might have to fire their gardeners and chauffeurs."

-- Dallas Green, former major league manager, on the impact of the 1994 baseball strike

5. "Tell him he's Wayne Gretzky."

-- Ted Green, former Edmonton Oiler coach, after Oiler player Shaun Van Allen had a concussion and forgot who he was

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