'Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory' returns Monday

Mon, Mar 19

Skateboarding reality star Rob Dyrdek said the fifth season of "Fantasy Factory," which begins 10 p.m. Monday night, is "creative gold."

"We used to shoot like crazy but now we've broken down the exact formula for the show and we're doing much better stuff," said Dyrdek, who grew up in Ohio but became an action sports star and then TV star in Southern California. "Can you believe I kickflipped a car?"

That will be how Season 5 kicks off as Dyrdek becomes "Super Sonic Rob" and lands a 360-degree "kickflip" car jump at Six Flags Magic Mountain, which was previewed on Super Bowl Sunday as part of an ad campaign for the 2012 Chevy Sonic.

Dyrdek's other adventures during the season include his cousin Drama getting run over by a bull; Dyrdek becoming an ordained minister and marrying his sister and future brother-in-law; and his alter-ego Bobby Light returns.

That's one reason why Dyrdek created the real factory -- a massive warehouse, office and music studio in Los Angeles -- to turn fantasy into reality. More than 1 million viewers tuned in each week of the reality show last year, its highest ratings ever.

"It is going to be an insane year. I talked with a man who said he was abducted by aliens and maybe I have alien DNA! Alien DNA!" Dyrdek said. "I would think at this point there are no ideas would be left to do. But there are mindblowing insane stuff still out there."