Reality sports memorabilia show coming to ABC

Fri, Mar 23

From the producers of cable TV juggernaut "Pawn Stars" comes ABC's "Ball Boys," which follows the sports memorabilia business at Robbie's First Base in Lutherville, Md., just outside Baltimore.

The show, debuting Saturday at 3 p.m., is about the staffers of the store -- Robbie Davis Sr. and Robbie Davis Jr. and their friends "Sweet" Lou Brown and Robbie "Shaggy" Reier -- buying and selling various sports merchandise. The real draw to the show is the famous people -- from Jim Brown to Pete Rose to ESPN's Jalen Rose -- stopping by.

"Anyone can relate to athletes as their heroes," said Davis Sr., who has been in business nearly 25 years. "The great thing is listening to people tell the backstories behind the merchandise."

Leftfield Pictures, which produces the History Channel show "Pawn Stars," approached the Davis family nearly two years ago, and ABC acquired the rights and filmed 12 episodes. The Davises are colorful characters in the Baltimore area and hobnob with athletes all the time. In fact, Davis Jr. brought baseball legend Eddie Murray to his eighth-grade show-and-tell.

"Hopefully we do the show and people like us," Davis Sr. said. "We have a little humor, and there is so much material here. Authentic sports memorabilia is all about a leap of faith."