Take a peek at new NFL gear from Nike, New Era

Mon, Mar 26

Reebok is the official outfitter of the NFL -- for one more week.

On April 1 -- that's Sunday -- Nike will take over as the NFL's official outfitter. The change will immediately become apparent at retail outlets, which will start selling new Nike merchandise along with a new line of NFL caps from New Era.

A lot of that merch already has been shipped to stores and is being kept in stockrooms until Sunday. But a few enterprising retailers who wish to remain anonymous have provided us with an exclusive sneak peek at some of the items they'll be selling:

Well, at least there'll be no confusion regarding who made these T-shirts. The caps are pretty nice, and the conference logo stitched into the underbrim is a nice touch, no? The NFL will be selling all of these items, and probably plenty more, at a pop-up shop in New York during the NFL draft.

As for the items everyone is most interested in -- the new Nike jerseys -- those will be unveiled on April 3. We'll have full coverage here on Page 2.