David Clowney makes Page 2's All-Fool Team

Sat, Mar 31

You'll never believe what happened the other day. Peyton Manning switched addresses. Tim Tebow asked to be traded to New York. Rick Pitino and John Calipari pretended to like each other.

OK. That last one's false. But if you bought it, consider yourself stumped a wee bit early as you digest the All-Fool Team.

David Clowney: Don't let the name fool you. (The wide receiver's full name, David Cortez Clowney IV, sounds better, doesn't it?) Clowney duped enough defensive backs to become a fifth-round draft pick of the Jets out of Virginia Tech in 2007, but he didn't play for the amusement of the home crowd very often. His lone pro TD did come in a laugher, a 38-0 win over the Raiders. He now plays for the Bills.

Dummy Hoy: The story of William Ellsworth Hoy proves that nicknames can be cruel. Especially when the object can't hear what's being said about him. Anyway, Hoy, who stuck with that moniker because he was deaf, became baseball's first great thief, stealing 596 bases from 1888-1902. Although perhaps treated as a fool, he indicated otherwise.

Virgil Jester: The pitcher held court for six Minor League clubs, one of which was Milwaukee. When the Boston Braves moved to Beertown USA for the 1953 season, Jester didn't have to go anywhere. Overnight, the same town went from the Triple-A outlet of the Boston Braves to The Show.

Marion Motley: Just to be clear, Motley was no goofball. He's a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. You can blame Shakespeare for Motley's presence on this list. In "As You Like It," the Court of Duke Frederick is often entertained by Touchstone, a fellow known as a "motley fool." As for the more serious Motley, he played for Paul Brown on a Navy team during World War II and joined Brown's team in Cleveland once hostilities ceased. His trip to the Hall, like his eight-year career, was short. He grew up in Canton, Ohio.

Nene: It was no joke when, shortly prior to April 1, the Denver Nuggets shipped the nine-year veteran to the Washington Wizards, who might be best described as a real All-Fool Team at this point. Nene qualifies for this squad for other reasons. His full name is Maybyner Rodney Hilario, which is close enough to Hilaria, the Romans' celebration of the vernal equinox that is widely considered a forefather of April Fool's Day.