Bruce Benedict, Art Shell make our All-Egg Team

Sat, Apr 7

Welcome to Page 2's All-Egg Team, for which the gestation period was considerably less than the 21 days of the average egg. We promise not to engage in any yellow journalism in what follows.

Bruce Benedict: Once a catcher for the Atlanta Braves (1978-89), Benedict gets called a chicken frequently these days. Such is the life of a college basketball official, a part-time gig he has performed for the past 16 years.

George Eggert: This certainly sounded promising at one time. Eggert was signed by the Cardinals, who put him on the roster of the Rochester Red Wings. Alas, his career didn't take off. He lasted only two games with the Wings -- hardly enough time to build a nest.

Billy Hatcher: In a career with enough teams to fill one side of a carton (Cubs, Astros, Pirates, Reds, Red Sox, Phillies, Rangers), the utility man is best known for an extraordinary 1990 World Series. Hatcher went 9-for-12, establishing a record for batting average in the Fall Classic, as the underdog Reds stunned the Bash Brothers from Oakland in a four-game sweep.

Billy Hunter: An Easter egg is linked to the hunt as Santa is aligned with the mall. Hunter, the head of the trade union representing NBA players, was nearly fried, baked and scrambled at various points in the recent labor negotiations, but he staved off his own elimination and lived to make a deal.

Art Shell: The Hall of Fame player had one successful coaching stint with the Oakland Raiders (1989-94) but may have caused a slight crack in his legacy with an ill-advised return to the sidelines in 2006. Even with that 2-14 debacle, Shell finished his overall Raider tenure over .500 at 56-52.