Don't ask Drew Brees these questions during golf

Wed, Apr 11

No matter how much loot was being thrown around the New Orleans Saints' locker room during the bounty years, imagine how much the rest of the team would pay to never hear another word about it again.

Look at Drew Brees. He can't hold a news conference for his upcoming celebrity golf tournament without fielding responses about pay-for-injury policies, being slapped with the franchise tag and whether he was going to skip offseason workouts to help Tony Romo write thank-you notes for his new baby gifts.

Hopefully, next month's event in Carlsbad, Calif., will provide a respite. A lot of worthy charities are being helped, so if you and three pals can pool $12,500 to form a foursome, by all means, have yourselves a golf Mardi Gras.

But if you run into Brees on the course, whatever you do, don't ask these questions:

• "If I get caught moving my ball illegally, will Roger Goodell ban me from next year's Drew Brees golf tournament?"

• "If we download Gregg Williams rants from the iTunes store, does a portion of that money go toward this charity or another super-secret bounty pool your defense has?"

• "I bought one of those Bubba Watson pink drivers. Is Ray Romano going to make fun of me?"

• "Will Bill Parcells show his face here? Because we'd pay extra to hear him yell at us as though he were the Saints coach and you just threw another interception."

• "If John Elway kicks me out of a pro-am foursome in favor of Peyton Manning, can I get my money back?"