Nov. 11, 2003
Enjoy that guaranteed BCS slot (being in the Top 6) while it lasts, boys. On Nov. 20, when you lose at Southern Miss, the topic is moot.
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Two Words For You:

The two sides of this TCU debate are nicely captured by the Fiesta Bowl president in today's USA Today:

Cinderella: "I'm not sure they are quite yet," he said. Four words continue to dog them: Who. Have. They. Played. If Cinderella steals glass slippers from the neighborhood bag lady (not local landed gentry), it ain't much of a fairy tale.

Money: The Fiesta prez phrased it as "impact on the marketplace." Translation: If TCU can't even fill its own stadium, how will it sell out a BCS bowl? And does anyone want to watch them on TV?

MLB Voting Fraud
Even though Hideki Matsui qualified as a rookie under current MLB rules, two baseball jerks "journalists" left him completely off their AL Rookie of the Year ballots. They should lose their right to vote.

Don't like the rules? Get them changed. But until they are, voters have no authority to play Baseball God by coming up with their own special eligibility requirements.

AL Cy Young
Given the Rookie-ballot problem: Wonder if any "revisionist" AL Cy Young voters will apply a one-sided standard of some minimum number of wins or innings that must be reached.

That will let voters conveniently discount that Pedro was the best AL pitcher this season -- as opposed to Toronto's Roy Halladay, who had the most wins and innings. (Hold on, let's qualify that IP: Halladay threw 79 more innings than Pedro -- but gave up 59 more runs! That's a 6.72 ERA for those "extra innings.")

1 BCS: USC has Ohio St on its tail for No. 2; TCU 6th?
2 Eagles go into Green Bay's frozen blunder-a, get MNF W
3 AL Cy Young Award today: Pedro, Halladay, Loaiza in mix
1 Jeremy Shockey: Likely done for season (sprained knee)
2 U-Miami QB B. Berlin: 'Canes done, so him too (benched)
3 Ravens playoff outlook: QB Boller done for season (quad)
MNF: Eagles Rule
Winning their fourth game in a row, the Eagles are suddenly the hottest team in the NFC (and are 22-5 in November and December since 2000). Donovan McNabb's early critics might want to replay his last-minute game-winning TD drive.

LeBron's J
While everyone is lauding LeBron's 7/12 jump-shooting last night (3/3 3-pt!) in the Cavs' romp over the Knicks, the most glaring box-score item is 0/0 free throws.

Slightly troubling that this 6-8, 240-pound freak is settling for jumpers: Didn't the Cavs want another MJ? Somehow he's decided he's another Mullin.

Baseball World Cup
MLB is on a roll: Best-ever October, intriguing offseason kicking off, now talk of a "Baseball World Cup" as early as March 2005.

But schedule it in February! After the Super Bowl, before March Madness -- it would have the sports spotlight to itself.

Soccer has nothing on this "Group of Death": Dominican Republic, Cuba, Japan, U.S. (Installing the D.R. as the early favorite.)

Clemens to Rangers?
Speaking of baseball's roll: The Texas Rangers signing Roger Clemens would be brilliant (snagging another Yankees ex-pat -- Texas native Andy Pettitte --wouldn't hurt either).

Not only shoring up an awful pitching staff: Like Nolan Ryan wrapping his career, all of a sudden the Rangers are "must-see" when Rocket pitches.

Top Music DVDs
Rolling Stone ranked Spinal Tap No. 1 (no problem with that), but undervalued the rap-roaring 8 Mile (No. 12). Props for putting brilliant High Fidelity at No. 4.

Bengals WR
Chad Johnson:

Here's a *real* guarantee for you: Instead of taking their first L at the hands of the mouthy Bengals, unbeaten Chiefs will win by 3 TDs.
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Maybe all Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga wants to do is tell coach Wannstedt to shave off that porn-star 'stache ...

Speaking of voting, nice to see Quickie fave Dontrelle Willis turned insane popularity into electoral votes ...

More MLB: Kudos to MLB for officially banning THG. Now, about those testing results ...

Heat at Rockets tonight: In "Brothers Van Gundy: The Movie," would cast Paul Giamatti (Jeff) and Horatio Sanz (Stan) ...

A month ago, we predicted a Grizzlies W over the Lakers (Kobe scheduled to have a Nov. 10 legal hearing). Well, no hearing, Bryant played -- and the Griz won anyway (ESP ... N)

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