Feb. 17, 2004
Greg Maddux:
Any truth to the rumors that the Yankees are eyeing him, or is it one big "rains/pours" joke? Fun to speculate, but says here he'll be a Cub.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

There's a whole lot of "best-ever" superlatives being thrown around with this A-Rod trade.

No column abuses loves "instant history" like this one, so let's do a quick rundown of the biggest "evers" in play:

Best lineup ever?
Please: Gotta play the games.

Best SS/3B combo ever?
Lock: Even with DJ's bobbles.

Best-selling MLB jersey?
Easily: No. 13 is must-have.

Biggest "Yes, But ..." ever?
Yes, but pitching wins rings.

Best Yada-Yada-Yada ...
Only one no-argue superlative:

Most. Pressure. Ever.

And the regular season (most scrutinized ever) will have nothing on the drama (biggest meltdown ever) that will happen with George Steinbrenner if the Yankees don't win the World Series (biggest upset ever).

Top 25
Forget the current logjam (Pitt, Miss. St., 'Zaga, Okla St.) for that fourth No. 1 NCAA Tournament seed. That final top seed will go to the winner of the SEC Tournament, presuming it's a Miss. State-Kentucky final.

Meanwhile: Whichever coaches' poll voter gave Duke its single No. 1 vote should have their ballot revoked. Have some suspicions ...

Dodgers Go Moneyball
Is new Dodgers GM Paul DePodesta another Theo Epstein? L.A. doesn't have the commitment to spend like Boston, but the 31-year-old

The Boss: Say what you want, Big Stein's committed to Ws
Oklahoma State: Cowboys have won 10 straight in Big 12
Bootleg T-shirt sales in NYC: Get your "A-Rod 13" jersey!
Florida hoops: Out of Top 25 for first time in 95 weeks
Kobe: Getting dissed on all sides for his me-first 'tude
Red Sox Nation: A-Rod press conf. today hard to watch
number-crunching, CW-defying, Harvard whiz kid made his rep with the A's through budget living. Expect him to have the Dodgers winning the NL West just in time for Bonds' retirement.

NBA Trade Deadline
Thursday, 6 p.m. ET: Is everyone (except Isiah, apparently) content to stand pat? Where are the crazy rumors?

"Trade AI!" is passe: And the Sixers Sissys seem too weak to pull the trigger on it. So ...

Given the Lakers know Kobe is as good as gone this summer, why not get something back for him today? They're better off with a scorer who doesn't want/need to be the No. 1 guy anyway.

There are a ton of those guys around -- T-Mac, Stevie Franchise, Vince Carter, to name a few who would be trade-worthy.

More A-Rod
Line I Wish I Wrote:
I thought we were watching the greatest shortstop since Honus Wagner, but it might wind up that all we saw was the greatest player since Barry Bonds.
-- ESPN.com's Rob Neyer

Littlest Groom
Anyone else see this last night? I see it kind of like the Yankees: You think you will look away, appalled, but instead you find yourself kind of mesmerized.

The defending national champs are reeling: Lost 5 of last 8 and, at this point, will go Dancing with an invitation delivered out of pity.
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Best 3B/SS combos ever:
A-Rod/Jeter, NY '04
70 HRs, 280 runs scored?
Molitor/Yount, Mil '82
Yount: MVP; Molitor: 136 R
Thome/Vizquel, '96
But then Thome moved to 1B
P. Traynor, A. Vaughn
Two HOFers for Pit in '30s
Schmidt/Bowa, Phi
Schmidt: great; Bowa: overrated

Who's getting slept on throughout this entire A-Rod frenzy? Alfonso Soriano. Just watch him have a career year ...

Does Rangers owner Tom Hicks know something the rest of us don't? He looked like he'd lost 120 million pounds on SC last night ...

What could eclipse A-Rod news? If new Astros hand-shaker Nolan Ryan said he was in training to make comeback as a spot reliever ...

WUSA announced "Keep the WUSA Dream Alive" ticket-drive campaign. Here's a dream: That WUSA can succeed without huge changes ...

Off work yesterday and miss the Quickie? Check the archive for a link to Monday's A-Rod-heavy edition ...

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