Feb. 27, 2004
U. of Washington:
Hottest non-Stanford team on West Coast? Second in Pac-10 after huge win at Arizona. Huskies -- 14-10 overall, but 98th in RPI -- have won 9 of last 11; NCAA bid in sight?
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Defenses can't stop Terrell Owens, but apparently paperwork does the trick.

Thanks to a bungled free-agency filing, "T. D'oh!" goes from next week's Most Valuable Free Agent to early contender for Most Boneheaded Play of the Year.

Now locked up with the 49ers until '06, he's simply trade bait. He already had been enjoying the spotlight of being a free agent; this must be killing him.

Meanwhile, it's probably too complicated for the Redskins to swap the Bailey-Portis deal for Bailey-Owens, but here's an interesting scenario:

Why should Bill Parcells trade for a second-tier mouthy malcontent (Keyshawn), when suddenly he can get the league's productive version?

Kings Beat Lakers
Coming off a 103-101 win over the Lakers, the only thing that can stop the Kings is the imminent return of star Chris Webber from a season-long stay on the injury list.

As their NBA-best record shows, they don't really seem to need him. At worst, he clutters up the mojo that has gotten them this far.

Best-case scenario: C-Webb comes back with limited scoring goals -- but a commitment to be a boards-blocks-assists monster.

MLB: New Rules
The Quickie can only imgaine the memo from Bud Selig to teams regarding MLB's strict new clubhouse-visitors policy.

Personal trainers
BALCO reps
William Hung
Memorabilia freaks
"Hey, beer man!"
Children of all ages
Garth Brooks (please)

Unbeatens: Stanford cruises; catch St. Joe's (Sat, ESPN)
Testaverde: Retiring? Props: 7th all time in passing yards
Bailey-Portis trade: Someone *please* finalize this deal
TO agent David Joseph: That's your angry client on Line 1
Roddick Reality TV: Andy/Mandy not the next "Nick/Jessica"
NBA refs: League admits refs blew key Lakers-Nuggets call
Steroids Watch
There's an exploding epidemic in baseball, and, yes, it's 'roids-related:

"Have you ever used steroids?" has quickly become the sports reporters' version of When did you stop beating your wife?

Player denials are manipulated into misleading "Athlete X denies he ever took steroids" headlines. Thank goodness the majority of fans -- if not sports-opining hysterics -- seem to be immune.

For more, check out Page 2's Writers' Bloc.

Bronx Zoo-Keeping
*Giambi stokes: Jason has lost weight, but apparently gained a sense of humor. N.Y. Post quotes him joking about Yankees acquiring Nomar to play 2B in '05. Collective shudder across nation.

*Clarity at CF: Bernie Williams' emergency appendectomy (future material for blues album?) defaults Opening Day job to Kenny Lofton.

*Aaron Boone cut: But credit him with one "assist" in '04 -- his boneheaded pickup-hoops injury opened door to A-Rod trade.

Oscar Office Pool
Think of it as practice for March Madness:

Film: Lord/Rings
Director: Peter Jackson
Actor: Bill Murray
Actress: Charlize Theron
Supp. Actor: Tim Robbins
Supp. Actress: R. Zellweger

And remember: I'm coming off a near-perfect Golden Globes. (Not that it'll stop that film freak two cubicles over from winning the pot.)

Bartman ball:
Rest in peace? More like "Rest in Hell." (Hey: Maybe the same Hell that will freeze over when the Cubs end up winning the Series this year.)
Today on ESPN.com
Page 2: Bartman Ball-- We were there
Fantasy Baseball: Top 200 players
NBA: One good rivalry left
Top fits for a T.O. trade
Original idea still the best
Parcells could manage him
Hook up with Brunell?
Gaping hole at receiver
Outside NFC East
Bucs? Bears? Vick-lanta?

Jamal Lewis pled "not guilty," but from the reaction to his indictment, it's possible that he's already been convicted by the public ...

Three key things to know about future NFL ideas being floated: (1) Start season later; (2) Start games later in day; (3) weekly "TNF" (Thursday Night Football) ...

Compared to usual antagonism between college jocks and campus cops, isn't it nice to hear about coziness in Colorado? (Uh, no) ...

One big difference between PGA's Match Play bracket and NCAA Tourney: No rainouts in hoops. Golfers play 36 today (11 a.m. ESPN) ...

Saw an article in a major newspaper about real-life "pre-sexual consent forms" for jocks (Wait: wasn't that a *joke* on Chappelle?) ...

Dream Job: Remember, you get to be nasty and vote *out* a loser (10 p.m. Sunday); none of this "vote to keep your favorite" stuff ...

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