March 3, 2004
Jameer Nelson:
The Quickie's College Hoops Player of the Year scored 25 as Saint Joseph's ran its record to a perfect 27-0.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Good freakin' luck.

MLB reportedly wants to test the never-before-used "reasonable cause" clause in the CBA, in order to test suspected steroid users.

It's a well-timed (and p.r.-friendly) effort, given Tuesday's big "received-not-ingested" frenzy. After taking hits for inaction, MLB has fired a shot across the union's bow.

Now the players union is engaged in a two-front battle:

Versus MLB: With the "cause" clause surely going to court, a toss-up decision the union would be smart to avoid.

Versus its members: Call it the "Uncivil War," being joined daily by rebellious players sick of the union's baffling p.r. strategy and aggressive anti-testing stance.

And that doesn't even consider fan disapproval (overstated) or media frenzy (can't be overstated).

A four-front war? The union can't win. It should signal a cease-fire and announce negotiations to re-open the CBA to discuss new testing policies.

NFL Free-Agency Frenzy
Free agency/trades officially kick off today. Awards for biggest ...

Trend: Pats-style "Moneyball"
Anti-trend spender: D. Snyder

Prize: Jevon Kearse
No surprise: Portis/Bailey

Rough diamond QB: Billy Volek
Win-now QB: Jeff Garcia

Question: Where goes T.O.?
Answered: Keyshawn to Big D?

St. Joe's: 27-0
Thoughts from watching the St. Joe's game on ESPN2:

Dan Snyder: Free agency starts WHEN? Skins sign DL Daniels
Ron Artest: Already back from thumb inj; scores 12 in W
Drew Henson: Interest re-sparks (maybe from Cleveland?)
Gary Payton-Phil Jackson "feud": Glove says "We're fine."
Marcellus Wiley: "Sex/Sports" expert released by Chargers
John Edwards: Routed on Super Tuesday; will concede today
Incredibly, Jameer Nelson is better than the hype ...

Backcourt mate Delonte West is the most underrated player in college hoops ...

If only NCAA Tournament games could be played in St. Joe's bandbox gym ...

Frontcourt weaknesses will catch up to the Hawks later in March ...

Correction from Tuesday: Apparently, the regular season includes the conference tournaments, so St. Joe's hasn't completed a perfect regular season ...yet.

C-Webb Returns
26 and 12 in his first game back this season. Rusty? Only if that's new slang for "monster."

What about those chemistry questions? On the one hand: Newly demoted reserve Brad Miller took his demotion just fine, with 23/9; on the other: the Kings struggled to beat the Clippers. Upshot: Check back in April.

Hawks Beat Lakers
Exhibit A from this NBA season of the "On Any Given Night" principle.

Not saying the Hawks could beat the Lakers in a seven-game series, but a humiliating loss like that for L.A. certainly sticks out when playoff picks are made later this spring.

Gimmick File
Keep your "Basket Bowl" and "Outdoor Game": The best stadium gimmick of 2004 is already locked up, when Navy and Air Force play a hoops doubleheader with UNC and Michigan State on an aircraft carrier in November. Love it.

Andy Van Slyke:
Pulls a "Turk" and takes potshots at Barry Bonds in the media. Why is it even his business? And *how far* removed is he from the game?
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Page 2: Free Yao!
MLB: Steroids scandal
IN: NFL Rumor Central
Top 5 Notable NFL Free Agents:
Champ Bailey
Whoops, off the market now
Jevon Kearse
But Titans to match offers?
Warren Sapp
Wants to return to Bucs?
Eagles CBs can help someone
Marcellus Wiley
And a Sex/Sports expert, too!

Kobe's accuser must testify about her sex life in a closed courtroom in three weeks. There won't be leaks from that or anything ...

Learned: UVA (beat Wake) will make it tough on the Selection Committee; Pitt (routed Providence) ain't done yet ...

How cheap are the Marlins? Gave Josh Beckett a pay cut, because they could. With arbitration next year, that's the last time THAT happens ...

Yes, Peyton Manning is worth that 7yr/$99.2 million contract he just got. Only 27, he arguably hasn't even hit his prime yet ...

Here's irony: former Reds owner Marge Schott wasn't a nice person, yet she won a World Series ring and Red Sox Nation hasn't ...

How much trouble will Bobby Bowden be in for his comments about Katie Hnida? In Florida, not much; elsewhere, a lot ...

Last question: Why is there no 'roid outrage about Marvin Benard? ...

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