March 10, 2004
Valpo, UIC, La-Laf.:
Latest to go Big Dancin': Of the three, Illinois-Chicago's win was the most impressive, winning at brutally tough Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Here's hockey's violence problem, in a nutshell:

Todd Bertuzzi's attack on Steve Moore, ending Moore's season -- it should end both guys' seasons, actually -- is the most gruesome spectacle in sports this year; it's also gotten more attention than any other NHL story this far.

Stop the violence? For better or worse, what if it's the only thing keeping hockey on the relevancy radar? What if hockey would actually save itself by giving in to the basest of player instincts and letting bad behavior run amok?

Sound familiar? TV is caught in the same literally vicious cycle: Shows get schlockier by the season, but viewers -- despite their criticism -- tune in, precisely for the increasingly depths of depravity.

But when "Man vs. Beast" looks civilized compared to "Moore vs. Bertuzzi," the NHL has another complication to add to its ever-growing list.

Selig Testifies
The real star witness of today's Senate hearings on drugs in sports is baseball union honcho Donald Fehr, who better not bring that weak "But it's in the CBA!" stuff to Capitol Hill.

(Especially because Bud Selig is going to endorse a revised -- and reasonable -- drug-testing system that mirrors the stringent minor-league version.)

Staley to Steelers
Moving from a three-headed to "Duce"-headed backfield (with The Bus) means that all Staley has to do is jump teams one more time and maybe he'll finally be the single featured RB.

NBA: Celtics win 6th in row; Grizz beat Spurs, hit 40 Ws
Gary Sheffield: No thumb surgery, could return next week
Omarosa: Approached about having her own talk show (LOL)
Aircraft-carrier hoops: Navy nixes planned double-header
Boston's Spencer/Garcia Jury Pool: Charges unlikely
NFL opening-day concert: Whither house band Aerosmith?
C. Garner to Bucs
If this was two years ago and it said "Pittman" on his jersey, could you tell the difference?

That move isn't nearly as interesting as the RB hole this opens up in Oakland. (Two words: Corey Dillon.)

Sapp to...?!
...Anyone but the Bucs, apparently. His agent said it's "unlikely" that Sapp will stay in Tampa. Negotiating ploy? Why is this particular deal taking so long?

What about Tim Couch? Cleveland cast-off has "interest" in rumored destinations Dallas or Pittsburgh.

Cinderella Who?
If the early part of Championship Week is about watching the big dreams of one-bid conferences, now it moves into a frenzy of big-league teams scrambling along the Bubble or massaging "at-large" seedings.

Today, the biggest of the bigs -- C-USA and the Big East -- ramp up with quarterfinals in their last year before the best of the former merges with the latter next season:

Big East (New York):
BC, Seton Hall and Notre Dame are playing for their Bubble lives.

C-USA (Cincy):
Charlotte and Louisville are playing not to lose bids seemingly in hand.

NFL rock n' roll:
Yet more fall-out from Janet Jackson's fall-out, the NFL has eliminated the "concert" portion of its Thursday night Opening-Game extravaganza.

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Ranking Conference Tournaments
Top to bottom, the best
Look ahead: Kent-Miss St final!
Wow, could SIX teams get bids?
Bad year, all eyes on Stanford
Big Ten/XII
Down years. Really down.

Woof it ain't so! Is there a dog-show drug scandal brewing in the UK?...

After his "Dream Job" cameo (suffered through interview with exiled Quigs and brutal Chet), LB Dhani Jones signs with the Eagles...

More Bertuzzi: As bad as the hit was, it's inappropriate for local cops to get involved with something that happened on the ice...

Championship Week
Tonight's finals:

C. Conn vs. Monmouth
ESPN2, 7 p.m.

Big Sky
N. Ariz vs. E. Wash
ESPN2, 9 p.m.

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