April 22, 2004
Supreme Court Justice
Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

If RBG was an athlete, it's possible that "Madame Justice" might be the coolest nickname in sports. Instead, she's just its MVP today.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

The "character" thing: NFL draftniks, GMs and fans all pay it a ton of lip service.

So I wonder if Eli Manning's demand to be shipped to New York -- or, more accurately, to not play for San Diego -- will hurt his draft grade? (Why do I think it won't?) It should. What a punk!

Teams draft the players, not the other way around. The system works because the struggling teams get the player that best fits their needs. Here's an irony: All Mike Williams wants to do is play in the NFL -- and he can't; meanwhile, Manning is acting like a prima donna before he even gets to the draft podium.

If I was a Chargers fan, I wouldn't even want Manning anymore. Forget it: Ship his overrated keister to the Giants Then at No. 4, draft Philip Rivers, who will be a better NFL QB than Manning anyway.

Bonds Shut Out
So much for yesterday's "Bonds/56" notion. (And that multi-game HR streak, too.) But tell you what: If Joe DiMaggio was served the crap that Bonds got, his streak would have been over in the single digits, too.

Out of 18 pitches, Bonds was served three called (and questionable) strikes. The rest -- balls ... and not even close; he didn't even take a swing last night. Oh well: He's still hitting .500.

Clarett Watch
Wouldn't it be more fun if Clarett and the NFL agreed to bring their cases in front of Judge Judy? (Better yet: Judge Wapner, with ol' Rusty the Bailiff keeping feisty Alan Milstein in line.)

A-Rod: What does it say that it's big news he hit a HR?
Princeton: Quickly hired alum/Air Force coach Joe Scott
Yankee-Hater hats: Schilling has one; where can I find?
Phils vs. Fish: Lose for 8th str time; Lowell hits 3 HRs
Kobe's D: Judge bars access to accuser's medical records
Michael Jackson: Indicted by that Santa Barbara grand jury
Here's the point: Because no one knows what Justice Ginsburg will do once the NFL provides its argument this morning, we're better off making Rusty the Bailiff references.

My gut: Tomorrow morning, Ginsburg delivers the stay in Clarett's favor. The NFL scrambles to convene the full Supreme Court on Friday afternoon, which is as ludicrous as it is arrogant (read: ain't gonna happen). Clarett and Williams are both eligible on Saturday.

NBA: Road Rules!
The tyranny of the home team is over, usurped -- barely -- by the Bucks, who nearly threw away a huge last-minute lead, but held on to steal a game from the Pistons in Detroit. For being the first team to lose at home, the Pistons have good reason to feel humiliated.

More playoffs: Sixth Man Award? Kind of a yawner when you've got the leading "First Man Award" (a.k.a. "MVP") contender Kevin Garnett piling up a triple-double (20/22/10) en route to a 2-0 playoff series lead over Denver.

KG seems pretty possessed with getting out of the first round (he should be); he's halfway there.

"Sixth" Sense
Back to NBA "Sixth Man": Denver's "Li'l" Earl Boykins was on the losing side of last night's game -- and reportedly Friday's Sixth Man award, which will go to the Mavs' Antawn Jamison.

Considering that Jamison is only the third-best sixth man in his division (behind Boykins and Spurs' Manu Ginobili), it's a weak pick.

New Orleans Hornets:
"Nothing but 'Nets" is about right: In last night's blowout loss to the Heat, shot 24.4%, the 2nd-worst playoff FG% in shot-clock era.
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Irony: Giants GM Ernie Accorsi (who will gain most from the Eli thing) was on the wrong end of this situation in '83 with Elway ...

Something about Kurt Warner makes Mike Martz do crazy things (like say no decisions have been made about Warner's status yet). ...

What happens in NBA tonight, when the lower seeds finally get their home games? Four words: Same old, same old ...

Nets at Knicks: I'm sure Kenyon Martin is quaking at the thought of an "angry" Tim Thomas ...

Spurs at Grizzlies: Hubie Brown's Coach of the Year Award is nice, but it's about as effective at stopping Tim Duncan as Memphis big men ...

Cool ESPY news: This year, ALL awards will be completely determined by fan vote. Choose better than stupid "Idol" voters ...

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