June 22, 2004
Martina Navratilova:
The 47-year-old became the oldest woman since 1922 to win a match at Wimbledon. Even if her foe was a tomato can, this is impressive.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

The team has a great chance to make the NBA Finals every season between 2006 and 2012 ...

So why should Orlando-bound Steve Francis be grumpy?

Teamed with Emeka Okafor ...
Playing in a weak East ...
Annual All-Star starter ...
Easy path to East finals ...
Avoid giants of the West ...

Oh, wait: We mean Yao and T-Mac?! Ahh!

McGrady wanted to team with Shaq, but he's actually gone one better -- pairing with the player who will supplant Shaq as the NBA's most dominant player no more than two seasons from now.

That is, if playing with shot-happy T-Mac doesn't stunt his growth. That won't happen: While T-Mac may want to be a No. 1 option, he is much better suited being the best sidekick in the league.

Now, let's just get Shaq to Dallas, and all of a sudden the Rockets-Mavs-Spurs Texas troika becomes the nexus of the NBA universe.

Speaking of Shaq ...

Shaq to Clips?
Shaq's going somewhere, and that is leading to all sorts of wild speculation. Dallas was Monday's hot destination, but today big rumor involves that other team in L.A.

The wildest part about Shaq going to the Clippers would be that overnight the Lakers would go from second-best team in the NBA to second-best team in their own building.

Bobcats: We're No. 2!
All the expansion draft picks in the NBA won't do the Bobcats as much good as the No. 2 pick in the real draft, which they picked up from the Clippers in exchange for their original No. 4 spot. It

Rudy T: Meeting with Lakers today; a hiring slam-dunk
Ty Law: Free Ty! Prosecutors drop charges against him
Bill Clinton: "My Life" hits bookstores to crazy crowds
Euro soccer fans: England fan killed by homicidal rival
Mike Tyson: NJ gov nixes boxing license he got from state
M. Youzhny: Loses to Wimby Comeback Kid, Goran Ivanisevic
gives them either Emeka "Questionable Back" Okafor or Dwight "Next Kwame Brown?" Howard, whoever Orlando doesn't take.

Foresight 20/20
In the most ill-fated promotion idea since "Disco Demolition," the Giants have come out with orange rubber chickens (named "Walk'er") as a spoof on opposing teams giving Barry Bonds so many passes ...

Spoof? Sure, right up until the violent hailstorm of latex novelty when angry, drunk Giants fans chuck Walk'ers at the next unsuspecting pitcher to throw Bonds four balls.

Streaker on Trial
Best. Jury. Ever. To render verdict on the Super Bowl streaker? Even the judge called the case "fun." It took the jury only an hour to convict him of a misdemeanor. They will sentence him today, but needless to say it probably won't involve public nudity.

But compare it to being a juror on that other sports-related trial this summer:

On trial:
Streaker: World's top nudist?
Kobe: World's top hoopster?

Book deal:
Streaker: I don't think so
Kobe: Bidding starts at ...

Streaker: Guilty!
Kobe: Stay tuned!

ESPY Nominees
How did Janet's "reveal" not make the nominees for "Best Moment?" The ESPY list is out, and for the first time ever, all 36 categories will be voted on by fans. (See "Q It Up" for a link to the complete ballot.)

Padres draftee
Matt Bush:

The top overall pick of the '04 MLB draft was suspended indefinitely after being arrested on Sunday. Now *there's* an inauspicious start.
Today on ESPN.com
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Ranking ESPY "Best Moment" Nominees
Boone's HR
Same old, same old for Sox
Favre on MNF
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Phil on Augusta 18
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Saved then-unbeaten season
Janet's reveal
Not on list (but should be!)

More evidence that critics of fan voting are fools: Fans setting up an historic All-Star "500-500-500" NL OF: Griffey, Bonds, Sosa ...

The expansion draft is win-win for Charlotte: Most teams are paying for the Bobcats to either draft dead weight or NOT draft someone ...

Meanwhile, the draft's biggest losers aren't the ones who are taken; no, it's the chumps who are so bad they DON'T get taken ...

Has the Royals trading frenzy begun? They swipe Orioles pitching prospect Denny Bautista for RH reliever Jason Grimsley ...

Baylor thinks it's a good idea to run background checks on recruits: Um, how about on coaching staff? ...

I agree with Rob Neyer about career home-run totals that "500 is the new 400" but then what is the future HOF benchmark? 550? ...

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