September 24, 2004
D.C. Expos:
No decision Thursday, but an announcement (probably leaked) could come as early as this weekend. Welcome, Senators! Quickie LIVE! Every weekday morning, 9 a.m.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Are 2-0 NFL teams for real, or simply -- like Britney's marriage -- "Two and faux."

Two teams are under the most intense scope:

In the NFC, the 2-0 Lions host the Eagles, unarguably the best team in the NFC right now.

In the AFC, the 2-0 Jags take their "Cardiac Cats" routine to Tennessee; if JAX wins, they're officially this year's Panthers.

More top Week 3 subplots:

Game of Week: Packers at Colts. Indy starts with New England, Tennessee and now Green Bay? Who made that schedule?

Someone's Gotta Win: Texans at Chiefs, where if KC loses again (at home, no less), we may be on firing watch.

Vick Watch: Hosting the 0-2 Cards, a chance for Vick to pull a second straight "double-triple" (100 rush, 100 pass).

Not So Super: Bucs at Raiders. Here's a game: Every time there's a "how far they've fallen" reference, take a sip (8, ESPN)

See Big 5 for even more subplots.

MJ Comeback
"There's no comeback," Jordan told Michael Wilbon. I suspect it wasn't diminished skills, but a frosty reception with certain Heat players.

Make no mistake: Please come back! Pretty please?! Team up with Rodman and Drexler, then sign up with the Heat. Their slogan: "Get the (1980's) League Back Together."

What makes it awesome: SF 1.5 GB LA. Unlike NY/BOS, a division lead is at stake, where the team on the short end of the NL West will likely miss the playoffs altogether.

Greg Maddux: 17 straight seasons of 15 wins; unbreakable?
Ryan Bowen: Well, if Miami can't get MJ, there's this guy
Good news for cycling: IOC dropping charges vs. Hamilton
LaVar Arrington: Redskins LB out 2-4 weeks (knee surgery)
Phil Mickelson: Disses AmEx event; it's gotta be the clubs
Bad news for cycling: Lance gets welched on $5M TdF bonus
What makes it overrated: They play three more in LA next weekend to finish the season, so nothing this weekend is irreversible.

Scoreboard-watching: CHI/NYM
SF .5 GB Chicago for the NL WC, and the Cubs play the hapless Mets. (Watching Astros-Brewers, too: HOU only 2 GB SF.)

MLB II: Oak at Ana
What makes it awesome: Angels are just 2 GB OAK in the AL West, another division where the runner-up loses big.

What makes it overrated: Does anyone want to win this division? Oakland has lost 6 of last 9; Anaheim has lost 4 of last 5.

Scoreboard-watching: SEA/TEX
Streaking Rangers are only 2 GB Oakland (tied with Anaheim), following the just-completed sweep of the A's.

MLB III: NY at Bos
What makes it awesome: Last chance to see the best rivalry in baseball ... uh, until the ALCS.

What makes it overrated: There's no win-or-go-home urgency; both teams are making the playoffs anyway.

Scoreboard-watching: MIN/CLE
How'd Johan look Friday night? AL East runner-up likely faces Twins ace twice in the ALDS.

College Football Preview
All the games seem so obvious, which -- of course -- means that someone's about to get shocked. The top contenders?

22 L'ville (to N. Carolina)
19 Minnesota (to N'western)
"1 USC (to Stanford)?!" I was going to list that one, just for giggles, but then I sobered up.

Rose: "Hu$tle"
(Warning: Spoiler!) He gets banned from baseball for life. (9 p.m., Saturday, ESPN)

The lesson? If you want to gamble on your own sport, for crying out loud, don't leave a paper trail.

Coming Soon:
"Hu$tle II: Meet the Mets?"

Peter Angelos:
The O's owner can gripe. He can threaten. He can bark. He can even sue. But he's going to have to live with a D.C. team (oh, and a big payoff).
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5 More NFL Subplots
Ray Ray gonna feast on Carson
Tom Coughlin could be 2-1
Morten Andersen: 341 G in row
Brooks vs. Bulger
Let's laugh at the Fish!

W3 office-pool suggestions: StL, PIT, MIN, NYG, ATL, BAL, PHI, TEN, KC, DEN, IND, SEA, TB, WAS (LW: 8-8; Total: 16-16) ...

Three remainder NFL subplots (for good reason): SD at DEN (LT vs. QG); SF at SEA (So brutal!); bye week for BUF, NE, NYJ, CAR ...

Hot NBA trade rumor: Baron for Vince? Exile to Toronto would stick it to Baron good. Vince is a bigger draw; Baron is a more MVP ...

Larry Bird insists that Ron Artest is not going to be traded (unless he gets a top 10 player in the league in return). Ha ha ...

WNBA playoff first-round picks: CT over DC (2-1); NY over DET (2-1); LA over SAC (2-1); MIN over SEA (2-1) ...

The stop-the-presses event will be when the Yankees *DON'T* make the postseason; NY playoff clinch like sports' Metamucil moment ...

In Friday's Morning Quickie: Weekly NFL Quick Step: 13 games, 39 minutes! *LIVE*, 9-10 ET or read the transcript. (See Q It Up.)

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