October 13, 2004
Mariano Rivera:
Forget Jeter: The Yankee legend who deserves "myth" status is Rivera, who went from Panama funeral to private jet to Yankee bullpen to 4-out save.
QUICKIE LIVE! 9-10 a.m.

The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Who's! Your! Daa-ddy! Clap ... clap ... clap-clap-clap

In the Stadium's upper deck (where I was sitting), the chant was overwhelming. Almost as overwhelming as the roller-coaster ride at the plate.

"Who's your daddy?"

Leave it to Yankees fans to turn a vulgarity into a rallying cry. The T-shirt flap only intensified fan interest in making it a part of the game (like telling a teenager they can't do something ...)

"Who's your daddy?"

With Pedro on deck tonight, don't discount the chant's effect on Martinez, who can only blame himself; he's the one who inspired it, which he can expect every time he sets to pitch.

How will the Red Sox respond? I'm actually more curious about how Red Sox Nation will respond this weekend back at Fenway.

Depends on one thing: Who's the daddy tonight?

ALCS Game 2
"Who's got momentum?" is the much bigger question. Sure, the Yankees improbably chased Schilling, but after hitting the snooze button for six innings, the Red Sox turned Mussina's perfect game into almost equalling the greatest comeback in postseason history.

Pedro may or may not have been playing mind games with everyone with the "daddy" talk, but the only people who fear Game 2 NY starter Jon Lieber are Yankees fans themselves. After Game 1, can we handle more offense? Because it's coming.

NLCS Game 1
Nothing screams "Excitement!" like "Backe vs. Williams" to lead off the NLCS. (Compare that to, say, Schilling vs. Mussina.)

Apparently, the Astros' rotation is tattered after the NLDS. More than that, it highlights how unremarkable -- yet apparently effective -- the Cards' rotation is.

El Duque: Will reportedly get the start for NY in Game 4
Dwight Howard: NBA top draft pick puts up 18/9 in debut
Seattle: WNBA's Storm win city its first title in 25 years
Curt Schilling: Wasn't he supposed to eliminate the Curse?
Tom Gordon: Wasn't he supposed to be super-setup guy?
Barry Larkin: Wasn't he supposed to end career in Cincy?
Speaking of St. Louis starters: Tony LaRussa must think he's winning in 6 or less: He juggled his roation to start Cards P Jason Marquis in Game 4, meaning Jeff Suppan will start Game 3 ... and Game 7?!

Good thing for him the NLCS won't get that far.

Phil Jax's Diary
In his upcoming diary, Phil Jackson opens up a new front in Kobe's personality clashes. As if battling with Shaq wasn't enough, Kobe was engaged in "psychological war" with Phil, according to the coach.

Jax went so far as to push Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak to trade Bryant last January -- a request that makes this diary almost as hilarious as Jon Stewart's "America: The Book." (Except for the unintentional part.)

Kobe's reply is classic: "I'd rather read 'Lord of the Rings' in one day."

Rice on Block?
From the same people who brought you "Awkward in Oakland," it's the sequel "Rice Relocation II: Yes, It Can Get Worse." Three places where I'd like to see him end up:

(1) Cards: With Green, Emmitt
(2) Bucs: With Gruden, Brown
(3) 49ers: With lots of irony

NFL on 4th Down
55 percent conversion rate, as compared to 46 percent over last season's first 5 weeks (via USA Today). Why?

(a) Impact of stats analysis
(b) Fans willing to forgive
(c) Bill Belichick copycats
(d) All of the above

NBA in China
If you thought the Euro invasion of the NBA was pervasive, give David Stern a half-decade or so in China, where the Rockets and Kings are on the league's first tour there.

Hundreds of seven-footers in the near-term development pipeline make this the greatest wellspring of NBA talent since ... well, ever. (Thursday, 7:30 a.m. ET, ESPN)

Qyntel Woods:
In proud tradition of Portland Blazers samaritans, he's been suspended (among other things) for allegedly abusing his dog.
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More Kobe: In new-look Lakers' preseason debut, Bryant drops 35 (and LA loses to SEA). Foreshadowing? Enjoy that scoring title, Kobe (and the Lottery) ...

Yankees bench coach Willie Randolph will reportedly interview with the Mets: This is a no-brainer for new honcho Omar Minaya -- hire this guy! ...

Barry Bonds has knee surgery: Rest up, BB; your passing Ruth next season in all-time HRs will be the biggest must-follow event of 2005 ...

More NBA Pre: Boston's Rivers era gets off to a running, gunning start. The C's put up 104 ...

Mike Williams hires an agent: He didn't have one already? With extra months to spare before the draft, he should be in uber-peak form ...

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