November 18, 2004
Grant Hill:
NBA Comeback Player of the... Year? Decade? Scores 32 (13-18 FG) in Magic rout of Jazz.
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The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Steve Spurrier in South Carolina black and red? It's looking like it.

The Ol' Ball Coach has an agreement in principle to replace Lou Holtz at South Carolina, according to regional reports.

For Spurrier, it makes sense:

Knows the SEC as well as any.

Wanted football-first school.

SC has nowhere to go but up.

It's a gut-wrencher for the Florida faithful. Not only does he spurn a return to UF, but his return would come in the Gators' own division.

By comparison, this is the feeling New Yorkers would have if Joe Torre went to manage the Red Sox or Dukies would have if Coach K moved down the street to coach at UNC.

For college football fans at large, any Spurrier return is a good thing, but just because he would be coming to a program that stinks doesn't mean the expectations won't be high; he can deliver an SEC title by 2008.

But in case Spurrier forgot, the one reality of returning to the football-rabid SEC:

There better be.

MLB Fray Agency
All about Pedro Love! Martinez goes to Florida to talk to the Boss, Theo and Larry go to Florida to talk to Martinez. Is he really that valuable, or will he simply be the most expensive piece of symbolism in the history of baseball?

MNF Scandal, Day 3
Congratulations, NFL: This is now a third-day story, and everyone and their mother is coming out of the woodwork with an opinion.

The bashers are about 48 hours too late. Tony Dungy sounded like a fool; other critics simply sound hysterical.

Meanwhile, all the (over-)attention may actually be producing a backlash against the post-Janet watchdog culture This

Sonics: 8 Ws in row! We'll track until they lose. Not yet!
Carmelo: Dope charges dropped, then he drops 30 in DEN W
Amare: Season-high 38 pts; averaging monster 28 and 9
T'wolves: Can't hang with at-full-strength champ Pistons
Drew Henson: Parcells stubbornly says "not yet" about QB
Ryder Cup: Tiger blasts Captain pick (Lehman over O'Meara)
certainly feels like a nadir of hypersensitivity.

For 18- to 34-year olds, the whole "controversy" simply doesn't faze us. In fact, we found the skit kind of amusing. And, after all, we pay the bills.

As Morning Quickie junkies like to say: "Moving on ... "

Heisman Voting
Ballots mailed out Wed. Here's some advice for voters:

1. No hurry. WAY too close to call. Hold ballots until the last possible game is played.

2. No best-player/best-team. Leinart? White? Heirs to Geno Torretta. Heisman criteria is sketchy, but try to think more boldly.

3. No Jason White. He won last season under false pretenses. If they knew he wasn't coming back, Larry Fitzgerald would have won.

Pro Bowl Voting
Fans show T.O. their support: He leads all WR in all-star voting. (Of course, the same fans made Tiki Barber the leading vote-getter among RBs.)

QB is a hot comp: Fast start gives Daunte a slim lead over Peyton (325K-310K). Expect that to change as Manning keeps up a record-setting "Peyce."

College Hoops: Hot/Not
Sneak peek of my college hoops "What's Hot, What's Not" List, now available on Page 2:

Category: Bandwagon
Hot: Wake Forest
Not: St. Joe's

Tobacco Road stud:
Hot: Marvin Williams (UNC)
Not: J.J. Redick (Duke)

Hot: Ashley Judd
Not: Red Sox players

Hornets and Bulls:
With Ls, both remain winless. Who is failing more spectacularly? Chicago lost to the woeful Warriors; N.O. shot a record-tying-low *2* FTs. Two!
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CFB: Forde-Yd Dash
College Hoops: Hot/Not
Coaching "Traitor" Moves (Fantasy Version)
Coach K to UNC
Shades of blue? Hardly
Torre to Red Sox
RSN rejoices; NYC weeps
JoePa '05 return
Ha ha ... just kidding
Cowher to Browns
Heresy on PA/OH border
Spurrier to SC
Wait, that's reality ...

More MLB FA: Tigers make their now-annual big-splash pickup of the winter, signing Troy Percival; Mets close to signing Kris Benson (yawn) ...

More NFL QB Watch: Reliable JAX backup David Garrard will get another start; CAR's Jake Delhomme questionable (what a difference a year makes) ...

Where sports and science collide: New research shows the human physique evolved specifically for the act of running. I smell a shoe ad ...

If USC wins the BCS title, credit the help of walk-on Snoop Dogg (they're so loose!); if they lose, he's an easy scapegoat, too (unfocused!) ...

Zen-ley Cup: If you didn't see the Tampa Bay Lightning get their NHL title rings, did they actually win them? Wait: What's this "hockey?" ...

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