December 2, 2004
"Flying Illini" II:
No. 3 Illinois ran over No. 1 Wake Forest, proving it is the REAL No. 1 (dumb pollsters) and exposing WF as slow, shallow and unready for pressure.
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The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Notre Dame works fast.

They'll meet today with Urban Meyer -- Utah coach, presumptive pick and all-around hot commodity.

He covets ND; they covet him.

The problem? Timing.

If Meyer wants to be at ND more than he wants to be at Utah, he owes it to Notre Dame to get there ASAP (literally, this weekend) to start recruiting and rebuilding. He should not stay in Utah to coach the Utes in their BCS bowl.

Utah's gate-crashing destiny? He'd be coaching it for his own ego gratification -- reward for past accomplishments (and ultimately meaningless; it's not like they're playing for a national title).

He's popular with players and fans, but they should wake up and smell the Irish coffee -- he wants to be elsewhere. So let him go.

Giambi and 'Roids
Jason Giambi testified to a grand jury that he used steroids, according to reports.

And if that surprises you, I've got a sweet deal to offer you, involving Giambi and your fantasy "keeper league."

Bigger picture: Between "The Cream" and "The Clear" and any other innocuous euphemism doubling as performance-enhancer, the circumstantial, guilt-by-association evidence continues to mount suggesting that Bonds couldn't have avoided 'roids at BALCO if he tried.

ACC Rules
Final tally: ACC 9, Big 10 2. Not much of a "Challenge." But while the ACC may have unprecedented league quality, the only depth that really matters is who's No. 1; right now, the Big Ten has the team to beat in Illinois.

Trend Bandwagon! Speed rules.

Ty Willingham: Accepts blame, makes ND look even worse
Chad Pennington: Jets QB practicing, could return Sunday
Baby Bulls: Deng/Gordon hit for 18 in 4th, beat Lakers
More CFB coaches: Indiana, BYU, Ole Miss jobs newly opened
Washington vs. Gonzaga: 'Dawgs lose 7th straight to 'Dogs
Hooligans: Two season-ticketers exiled from Piston Palace
Unit Watch: Yanks Out?
The Yankees are balking at the D'backs' price for Randy Johnson, and word is they're out of the Big Unit Derby.

Since we know he's getting traded, the Yankees' pullout leaves the door wide open for a Red Sox coup de grace.

Suns Beat LeBron
The week's It City? Phoenix.

That "Pa-ho-nicks" FedEx ad is hilarious. And the Suns have won 9 straight, including Wednesday's 120-101 romp over LeBron's Cavs.

But the emergence of Amare eclipses team's story: 21 against Cavs, 25.9 for season; Stoudemire has catapulted into the league's top 10 players today -- and one of the top 3 "future" talents.

Let's hope no one drooling over Amare would also favor an NBA minimum-age rule; he's yet another example of a prep-to-pro doing just fine without the artificial barrier of forced college experience.

Memphis' New Czar
Yes, but will Mike Fratello be able to use the old-school clipboard and dry-erase marker, or will he have Jerry West install a telestrator next to the bench?

Meanwhile, Fratello is bringing along Eric Musselman (ex-Golden State coach) as his top assistant, probably because he wanted someone next to him who had more recent NBA experience than the Czar's 1999.

(The quality of that NBA experience? Apparently, not as critical.)

Giambi's p.r. decisions:
So that spring-training "I never took 'roids" stuff was just hooey? Remember: Athletes only swear to tell the truth on the stand, not in the locker room.
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More LeBron: Always-anticipated match-up with Carmelo is iffy; with that ankle, Anthony is a game-time decision, leaning toward "probable" ...

Jason White wins Unitas Award (top Sr. QB): Do we HAVE to give him the Heisman? He's already got one ...

I'd rather have Norm Chow as my head coach than Urban Meyer, not that Notre Dame is listening to me ...

Derek Jeter was lukewarm about one Martinez (Pedro), but did a nice job stumping for another (Tino); Jeter has a blind spot for ex-mates ...

Is there a team Carl Pavano is NOT mooching a free meal from? His next recruiting visit is Detroit, with Baltimore this weekend ...

Are there any Dwight Howard doubters left? Had 15 and 20 in Magic W over Toronto; yes, he's already better than Okafor ...

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