December 21, 2004
Eagles coach
Andy Reid:

Has 2 games plus bye plus division round to find an effective TO-less O for NFC title game. More importantly: We gonna see some tights anyway, or what? QUICKIE LIVE! 9-10 a.m.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

It was the orange jerseys. The Dolphins should NEVER take them off.

What knocks TO's injury from the top story?

The NFL Upset of the Year: Miami over New England.

This was the hapless Fins.
The mighty defending champs.
On a national-TV stage.
A minute to play in the game.
AJ Feeley on 4th and 10.
Pats WR/CB Troy Brown on it.
Touchdown ... Miami?!
Interception ... Brady?!?!

No one, no one -- no one! -- saw this coming.

Are the Pats exposed? It really exposed them for not following their much-publicized "one-game-at-a-time" mantra. (Who could blame them?)

If anything, the humiliation forces them to re-commit to their goal of repeating. I think it makes them more dangerous.

The Steelers may have all but locked up home-field advantage, but the team on a collision course with them for the title game is suddenly even tougher to beat.

TO: Terrell Over?
"Outside chance": That's the probability the Eagles team trainer put on TO's availability seven weeks from now for the Super Bowl. He later clarified that: "Little greater than slim." Gee, thanks.

That also describes the conventional wisdom over the Eagles' new odds for making (let alone winning) the Super Bowl. They are a different team without TO; his presence was as important for their psyche as their scoring.

Maybe the team is hedging, to allow for the inspiring Willis Reed-like comeback for the NFC title game or Super Bowl.

But perhaps the real hedge is that now it gives Eagles fans a legit excuse for losing the NFC title game at home yet again.

Suns: 9 straight Ws; new No. 1 in Power Rankings
AI: Tops 50 points for 2nd straight game (but Sixers lose)
Golden State Wizards: Arenas' buzzer-beater tops Warriors
Pennington-Media "feud": "Mad Chad" de-fuses with humor
Ohio St QB Troy Smith: Hero to zero; dumped from bowl game
Kansas PF Wayne Simien: Out 4-6 weeks (thumb surgery)
Shaq on 'MNF'
Warning? Metaphor? Both?

"If you've got a Corvette that runs into a brick wall, you know what's gonna happen," Shaq said at halftime. "He's a Corvette. I'm a brick wall."

Yes, I'm watching on Xmas Day.

MLB in DC: Yes!
Call it CPR: "Crafty Political Resuscitation."

The DC pols -- in a no-win situation (hey, kind of like the Nats ... zing!) -- strike a compromise internally and with MLB on a stadium-financing plan, bringing baseball in DC back from the dead.

The secret? Parking meters.

That's right: It's now more expensive to park on the street than to go to the game itself. Season-ticket plans come with a free roll of quarters.

MLB Moves
The Red Sox rewarded ALCS sparkplug Dave Roberts with a trade to his hometown Padres. Meanwhile, ex-Sox SS Orlando Cabrera signed with the Angels, who promptly cut 2002 World Series mascot David Eckstein.

How are the two deals related? Boston should turn around and sign Eckstein to replace Roberts.

Boras vs. Boss
A preview of today's convo between Beltran agent Scott Boras and Yankees owner George Steinbrenner:

Boss: "Whatever the Astros are offering, we'll top it."

Boras: "Done."

Cashman: "Quick ques--"

Boss/Boras: "We said 'Done!'"

More Bowling
Champs Sports
Teams: Syracuse vs. Ga. Tech
Location: Orlando
Time/TV: 7:45 pm, ESPN
Subplot: End on a high note!
Stud: GT Soph QB Reggie Ball
Pick: Ramblin' Wreck

Holding up the Unit-to-NY deal, waiting on domino trades to materialize. Shame on them for holding up the re-armament of the Yankees! (Sarcasm)
Today on
Quickie Live!
NBA Power Rankings
Page 2: Who does Eli compare to?
Ranking NFL Top 5
But only on paper for now
More dangerous than ever
No kneeling in playoffs!
Being totally slept-on
No TO? Huge problems

Yao scores 40: Wow, if only he could do that every night ...

Nets' Frank has great TipGate quote: "Grossly, grossly overblown ... Everyone knows what you're running as you come down on every play" ...

Talk about a token: Dolphins interim coach Jim Bates will interview with the team today. Last night's W sure makes today's meeting more fun ...

Who already knew that Bucs rookie WR Michael Clayton and "Idol 3" winner Fantasia were dating? How did I miss that? ...

Joe Gibbs names Pat Ramsey his starting QB for next season, indicating that 2005 will be a dud, too ...

College hoops tonight: TX Tech vs. Iowa (7, ESPN2) and UCLA vs. Mich St (9, ESPN2). Watch UCLA frosh PG Jordan Farmar ...

Did everyone notice I avoided the premature "It's Over!" call for the Eagles' Super Bowl chances? Let no one say I don't learn my lesson ...

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