May 4, 2005
Ray Allen:
Another big scoring night (30 pts) lands him on the Quickie's NBA All-First Round First-Team (See Big 5) and pushes his Sonics into the second round.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

"Yankees Suck!"

It's the feel-good storyline of the year, for baseball fans everywhere except New York.

At this point, the team is must-see, if only to see if they'll lose... again.

"Yankees Suck!"

That over-hyped "revamped" lineup? Moot (and mute).

Because last night, the 9-18 D-Rays (freakin' Tampa!) hung 6 on Kevin Clown in the 1st, en route to an 11-4 stomping.

"Yankees Suck!"

Owners of the 7th-worst record in baseball, the "Bronx B.M.'s" are closer to dead-last than .500.

"Yankees Suck!"

Looking ahead, Big Unit is scratched tonight, muttering he's "obviously" disappointed. Fans nationally are obviously disappointed to miss his potential shelling.

"Yankees Suck!"

And adding insult to injury, 47,000 Yankees hats for a weekend Stadium giveaway were stolen yesterday.

Riiight: "Stolen."

If you believe THAT, I've got some atrophied position players and worthless big-contract pitchers to sell you, along with that famous NYC bridge.

Maybe the team just wanted to avoid the awkwardness of disgruntled fans upchucking the hats onto the field, along with their lunches.

As for the rest of us? Glee:

Yankees Suck. Savor it now.

NBA Wrap: Sonics Rule
Sizzling Seattle is back: Hot shooting (56 pct FG) and "good-enough" D: The new blueprint for playoff success.

Reality-TV-style twist! Credit PG Jamal Tinsley's surprise start (and 7 assists) for the Pacers' W in Boston to take a 3-2 lead.

Meanwhile, the Celtics got the opposite effect from dud Antoine Walker, who returned from suspension with his brand of brick n' roll.

Champs Close Out Sixers: Will wait for the Pacers-Celtics winner. Again: Can't we just move straight to the Detroit-Miami East Finals?

NBA Tonight: Wiz at Bulls in one of those proverbial "pivotal" Game 5s when it's tied 2-2; the Spurs can slam the door on Denver in S.A.

Young 'uns clash: Barmes (.402 BA) vs. Peavy (1.77 ERA)
White Sox: The anti-Yankees? Win 19th with clutch scoring
Brewers: Win 5th straight (and the Yankees still suck!)
Kellen Winslow 2: Moron may have to pay back bonus (cycle)
John Rocker: Minor-league fool gets in tussle with a fan
Jimmie Johnson: Dale Jr blames an "idiot" for 'Dega wreck
NBA Top Rookie
Emeka Okafor, one of the least inspired ROY picks ever. Ooh, sweet: 7-foot college player of the year did well on an expansion team.

But if you said "Ben Gordon," pat yourself on the back for jumping on the bandwagon. He didn't even start! That's what Sixth Man is for.

Dwight Howard gets my vote, particularly given the way the doubters came out on last year's draft night. "NBA age-limit"... what bunk.

MLB Roid Era: 1960?
Let's have no more talk from the insufferable "Good Ol' Days" posse about MLB's "Roid Era" being from the mid-1990s through 2004.

Not when ex-MLB pitcher Tom House says he was taking steroids (among anything and everything else) in those wacky '60s and '70s.

Get over it: Cheating, greenies, 'roids, HGH. New flavors of an old dish: The sport's been tainted since it started.

NBA Draft Pool
No sweeter words will have ever been heard on NBA Draft Night than the following:

"With the Nth pick, Team Whatever selects...

Kevin Pittsnogle from West Virginia University!"

Guaranteed fan favorite! (NCAA Tourney's most popular player) Who doesn't want a deft-shooting big man with tatts and the best name ever?

If big men Walter McCarty or Raef LaFrentz can make a living chucking 3s, this guy's needs a chance. Take him for the jersey sales alone!

Favre on Walker
"We can win without him." Yeah, Brett, but too bad you can't win without a defense. That horse rides awful high... in May.

Kwame Brown Fallout
Do NOT use Kwame Brown's career implosion to prop up the NBA's play for that ill-advised age limit. Kwame was a unique failure.

Especially because my fave prep in this year's class, Seattle swingman Martell Webster, just declared for the draft. A better Joe Johnson!

Quickie Book Club
"The World Is Flat": Non-sports books with sports applications rule.

If you are fascinated (or frightened) by the way the rest of the world caught up to USA Basketball, check out Thomas Friedman's new book for a clear-eyed look at the larger issues behind 21st century globalization.

Antoine Walker:
He's like the anti-Tinsley. He returns from suspension, only to bring his style of "brick 'n roll" (5-13 FG) to a C's home loss. Correlation? Yep.
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If you're scoring at home, Barry Bonds had a 3rd surgery on his knee. No word on how it affects his timetable. (via SF Chron)

After all the jawing between the Big East and ACC over the poachings, they settle their problems with a couple million dollars (via HFD Courant)

Van Gundy Watch: All quiet on the Western Conference front, and the Rockets owner shows Van some support. No word from Stern on Tuesday.

MLB Pitching Matchup of the Day: Hudson vs. Burnett. Keep your scoreboard up, because the game has a 1 p.m. scheduled start time.

More NBA Draft entries: Prep-to-pro guard Louis Williams, who fancies himself another AI, will likely make a misjudgment and enter today.

Today's Must-Read: Check out Chad Ford's report from his travels to the basketball outpost of Istanbul. See Q It Up for a link.

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