May 6, 2005
Moms, everywhere:
From Mama McNabb to Mama LeBron to your own mom: Mother's Day is the year's most deserving holiday. Treat her right this weekend.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Announcement Sunday for the NBA's MVP, which has led conspiracy buffs to claim the timing indicates Nash will win.

Something about how the NBA schedules the award on the winner's off-day; the Suns are off; and Shaq plays Sunday if the Wiz win tonight...

Who cares? He SHOULD win:

Valuable is malleable: Don't define it as most unguardable (Shaq) or most talented (LeBron); trust the hazy guideline "impact":

*Led Suns from worst to first.

*Triggered NBA-CPR offense.

*PHX stunk when he was out.

That's Nash.

See Big 5 for a ballot and Today's Poll to have your say.

NBA: Seven Mania
Nothing replaces the painfully slow process of an NBA playoff series like the urgency of a Game 7. Or two.

Pacers at Celtics: Pierce, goat; Walker hero? Ugh. Boston-Detroit would be painful. (Go Pacers, if only for the Brawl subplot.)

Rockets at Mavs: It's a zero-sum game: Either T-Mac confirms his rep as a staggeringly talented loser or Mark Cuban's head explodes.

Meanwhile, NBA Friday:
Bulls at Wizards (8, ESPN)
Win or go home for Chicago
(Win AND go home, too...)

Yankees Bottom Out
Or "Dead Friggin' Last," as fans in New York might be muttering.

As other fans continue a week-long revelry, enjoy it while it lasts; the last time they were in last (6/20/95), they went on to win the Wild Card.

The week's developments -- lineups, losing, last-place -- is the best thing to happen to baseball since the Yankees' dominance started.

Milwaukee Brewers: Break 'em up! Riding 7-game win streak
St. Louis Cardinals: Pull MLB's first triple-play of 2005
L.A. Dodgers: Launch program to cultivate more women fans
Dirk Nowitzki: 5-22 FGs, mainly caused by T-Mac's defense
Paul Pierce: Gets himself tossed (real good thing C's won)
Reggie Fowler: May NOT be NFL's first black majority owner
Bonds Doc Sketchy
The bad perception of Barry Bonds has been built, in part, on guilt-by-association. Think FBI-investigated trainer Greg Anderson.

So it's not going to help that his knee surgeon, Arthur Ting, is reportedly on probation, among other things, for all sorts of sketchy violations (via AZ Republic).

Bonds does it to himself.

Dee Brown: NBA?
Will test the draft, reportedly, but not hire an agent.

Hey, why not? He's coming off the best season possible (Big Ten POY, NCAA runner-up).

Superlatives aren't a bad way to compare your value, so it sure doesn't hurt that he would instantly become the NBA's quickest player.

Shaq vs. Buss
"I didn't need motivation...
I needed a real owner."

Shaq's zinger at Lakers owner Jerry Buss is my motivation to do further Shaq-style analysis of other successes:

Who: White Sox
Didn't need: SABRmetrics
Needed: Sick pitching

Who: Jeff Van Gundy
Didn't need: Conspiracies
Needed: T-Mac's 37-8-7

Who: Star Wars line-campers
Didn't need: Dates, showers
Needed: Bathroom stand-in

Kentucky Derby
For or against, your rooting interest has to be George Steinbrenner's Bellamy Road, the odds-on favorite to win.

Of course, Big Stein's Yankees were also odds-on favorites to win, and look how they've been doing.

(Bellamy DFL = Glue?)

Kellen Winslow II:
Sources indicate that he tore his ACL in his cycle wreck and that his season is over. Forget the lost bonus; he's totally wrecked his career.
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Quickie NBA MVP Ballot
Steve Nash
Made biggest impact
Shaquille O'Neal
Heat the best in the East
LeBron James
NBA's most talented
Tim Duncan
R. Allen/G. Arenas
Led rivals (where's KG?)

Isiah on Phil Jackson, presumably declaring Jax his top candidate: "There's no one out there that really has this body of work."

Heart goes out to Panthers LB Mark Fields, whose Hodgkins returned and will keep him out for the year.

Tom House corrects himself: Amphetamines, not steroids, were the problem in the 1960s. That's semantics: The era still had its own cheating.

NBA All-Rookie Team: Okafor, Howard, Gordon, Deng, Iguodala. I would have put Nets C Nenad Krstic on the 1st team, instead of Deng.

Jason White Watch: He's alive! The Titans sign him for competition for No. 3 job.

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