August 11, 2005
Kenny Rogers:
Maybe the Rangers SP should have stayed suspended (at least until the team left Boston): Gives up 5 R, 7 H in 5 IP. Started OK, then blitzed in 4th.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

It's over for T.O.:

"Terrell Owens has been sent home from training camp due to undisclosed team issues," the Eagles announced tersely. Call it a T.O. for T.O.

Who's the boss in Philly?

Not Owens, and certainly not Drew Rosenhaus, seemingly more interested in making TV cameos (like Letterman Wednesday night) than doing his day job.

No, the boss is Andy Reid.

T.O. has the media advantage: People aren't camped out in Reid's driveway panting for him to make comments.

But it doesn't matter. If there was any lingering question about who's in charge in this standoff, there isn't anymore.

The Eagles are holding ground, refusing to let T.O. be the distraction he wants to be -- and gaining support from fans with every twist.

So what next? The team won't pay him, and Owens can't run a route out of the corner he's painted himself into.

A trade seems unlikely and the team (even with its WR woes) seems content to let him sit indefinitely. Reid knows: Owens MUST blink first.

Or receive a permanent T.O.

PGA Championship
All eyes on No. 17: 640 yds! They say size doesn't matter, but the awe-inspiring course length at Baltusrol (7,392 yds) is made for ogling.

Everyone keeps expecting Phil or Vijay to make a Major move, but once again, golf has created a situation in which it's the "Big One" (Woods) and everyone else.

Palmeiro Returns
Lingering questions:

When will fans hear his side?
For now, Raffy's not talking.

Will he start/play tonight?
O's mgr Perlozzo can't say.

Will he "flip" on MLB peers?
Now THAT's bush league.

Will O's fans boo tonight?
Total toss-up. My guess: No.

Another MLBombshell?
Everyone's a-twitter: Who is the mystery "next steroid revelation?" Baseless speculation is flying:

Braylon Edwards: As expected, agreed to deal last night
Alex Smith: Top draft pick will start at QB for SF on Sat
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Will he tutor Lakers' new big man?
Royals: Lose 12th straight, tying an all-time team record
Troy Williamson: Vikings rookie WR stud has foot problems
Flying Yankee fan: Harper faces criminal charges in NY
It's a superstar!

No, it's 50 superstars!

All of MLB to be suspended!

So I made that last one up, but the hysterical rumors allow almost anything to be said.

And in an unprecedented step, MLB and the union released a statement to deny all of 'em.

MLB Wed Wrap
As I ponder the mysteries of karma and Kenny Rogers...

Hidden-ball trick alert! Even if fans watching don't know what's happening until after the fact, there might not be anything on a baseball field that's as entertaining.

Kudos to Mike Lowell for using it last night to nab D-Backs CF Luis Terrero to save a W for Florida. Do you cheer Lowell or laugh at Terrero?

ChiSox for real: Won 2 of 3 in NYC, including 2 1-run games. Only thing proven is the real team not playoffs-worthy is New York.

Ryan Howard Watch: There isn't a more must-see rookie slugger in MLB. Phillies rookie broke a 9th-inning tie with a slam, leading PHI past LA.

(Timing: Jim Thome will have season-ending surgery on his elbow next week. With Howard's emergence, has Thome played his last game for Philly?)

Yankees SP update: Jaret Wright may return Monday, which is hardly condolence to Yanks for offsetting word that Carl Pavano might be done for season.

A's counterpunch: Impressive W over Angels using late rally brings Oakland back into a tie for first in the AL West.

NFL Pre: Bolts/Pack
Don't let the Favre Finale Tour obscure the fact that LaDainian Tomlinson is the best all-around player in the NFL. (8 p.m., ESPN)

More important for your purposes, LT is the consensus No. 1 overall fantasy football pick, if you're lucky enough to get the top spot.

Chargers' big question: Was QB Drew Brees' 2004 season a statistical aberration or dramatic foreshadowing?
Packers' big question: Will it matter how good Favre is if the defense is as bad as everyone expects it to be?

Don't forget: Get your free look at NFL Insider all this week!

Quickie 50/50: AZ
Impressions of Arizona:

D-Backs end Yankees' dynasty in '01; Arizona ends NCAA Tourney flop run with title in '97; Suns resuscitate NBA (2005); and, obviously, Jennie Finch.

Chicago Cubs:
Even Royals fans mock the Cubs' misery, now extended to an 8-game losing streak. I'm still not on "Fire Dusty" bandwagon, but my group is thinning.
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New deal, bigger stats?

Maybe if T.O. agent Drew Rosenhaus cared as much about getting a deal done as he did, say, being on Letterman, his client wouldn't be in this mess.

Jerry Rice on T.O.: "You can't be a distraction like that. You've got to put the team first. It's out of hand now. It's out of control."

NFL Camping key injuries: Mike Alstott (neck), Joey Porter (knee surgery), Jason Ferguson (ankle), Pac-Man Jones (does "brain cramp" count?)

If you were Dusty Baker, would you risk further Kerry Wood injury by returning him to starter, or would you keep him closing?

NHL Free Agent: I can't believe that Eric Lindros still has the name recognition to be of interest, but he might sign a deal with his home-region Leafs.

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