August 30, 2005
Matt Cassel:
Makes the Pats as a backup QB! This, despite never starting a game at USC while backing up Palmer and Leinart. Underdog success story of August.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Jason Giambi for AL MVP?!?!

2 more HR, 4 RBI on Monday:
That's 4 and 11 in 2 games.

If New York somehow passes the Red Sox for the division title, voters have to consider the unthinkable: Giambi for MVP.

I'm even more inclined to give him MVP than Comeback Player of the Year, which feels funny given exactly what he's coming back from.

But delivering top-5 OPS and a division crown (after that brutal start?!) would put him right in the MVP mix, along with A-Rod, Vlad and Big Papi.

Of course, Vlad's Angels and Papi's Red Sox could finish with September swoons, hardly MVP-ish. And voters and fans may like A-Rod even less than Giambi.

And there's still time for a slump like the one Giambi was riding for 19 games until Sunday.

But, wait! What's this I heard from Giambi on Monday night about a cortisone shot that seemed to sort out the tendinitis that was holding him back?

Right: "Cortisone."
For "tendinitis."
(Insert air quotes yourself.)

See: Semi-serious jokes like that symbolize why Giambi will never be considered a legit MVP candidate in 2005, if ever again.

Even though he's earned it.

MLB Wrap
Curse of Bellhorn? Yesterday's Quickie quip about a new Boston curse is suddenly not so funny to Red Sox Nation, as word circulates 2B to join the Yankees! (Come on: Who didn't see this coming?)

Wells rips Selig: Amazingly, Boomer trumps Schilling for insufferable commentary. Can MLB extend his suspension for insubordination?

Kerry Wood: Season over. Wednesday's shoulder surgery symbolizes yet another wasted, finished year in what should've been a Cubs' dynasty.

Cy Young Watch
Cy Young Watch:
NL: StL's Carpenter wins his 19th (and has Cy all but locked up, despite Rocket's brilliance).

Willie Parker: Steelers RB backup to Duce, Bus to start?
Eli Manning: Says no soreness in elbow, will still miss W1
John Abraham: Jets DE ends holdout, will report for $6.67M
Johnny Damon: Hits lead-off HR, but later bruises hand
R. Palmeiro: Post-ban dud continues; benched by O's at 1B
"LiveStrong" bracelet fraudsters: Busted by authorities
AL: ChiSox's Buehrle shelled; his shot is slipping away. But bonus points for accusing the Rangers of cheating at home!

Tuesday's Best: A's-Angels. It can, should and will be a Game 1 playoff atmosphere in Anaheim when Zito faces AL Cy contender Colon.

MNF: STL 37, DET 13
New Joey Benching O/U: Week 2
QB Harrington's breakthrough has been greatly exaggerated. It's not like the Rams' D is the Ravens or Steelers, and yet Joey looked befuddled by them. Sacked, zero TDs (for 3rd straight game).

Meanwhile, Detroit affirmed the handy rule of thumb when judging the aesthetic value of debuting "alternative" black jerseys:

If you win, they look good.
If you lose, they look awful.

U.S. Open
Huge upset! If anyone knew that Svetlana Kuznetsova was the defending U.S. Open champ, then the fact she was the first one ever to lose in the first round would be huge.

Serena Fashion Watch: No, those weren't tennis balls dangling from her ears; you're forgiven if you mistook 13 karats of diamonds for them.

Rafael Nadal: The men's Serena? Is he going clubbing after his match? What else explains the black Capri pants and ultra-tight red tank?

Gimelstob the Blogger: There's very little as lame as a no-name athlete angling for "bloglory" by posting something misogynistic just for the sake of being considered "edgy."

Memo to Justin: Women's tennis is carrying both sides of the sport right now. The "Bizarro" part is how men's tennis manages to survive.

CFB 2K5: Heisman!
It's Matt Leinart's to lose. I already was among the first to declare him the greatest college QB of all time.

Next debate? Is he the best college player ever? Needs another Heisman and another title, and then you've got a heck of an argument.

(Too bad teammate Reggie Bush -- the Quickie's 2004 Heisman pick -- is really the most talented, Heisman-worthy player at USC.)

Quickie Heisman Watch:
1. Reggie Bush
Amazingly, he's underrated!
2. Adrian Peterson
How to top sick frosh 2004?
3. Matt Leinart
How's that shoulder feeling?
4. Chris Leak
Meyer has track record w/ QBs
5. Vince Young
Rose Bowl was just a preview.

Coming Wednesday: Story Lines!

When browsing for a hurricane shelter for 25,000 of your closest friends, it would be nice to find one with a roof that doesn't blow off. (The Superdome!)
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B. Green QB: 41 TD in '04
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L'ville QB will have stats
Jared Zabransky
Boise St. QB undefeated?

Quickie 50/50: New Mexico. Impressions: "The Pit," Unser Dynasty, Urlacher. (Seriously: UNM's Pit is arguably college hoops' best arena.)

NBA Free: Does the Spurs' signing Nick Van Exel signal they're out of the mix for Finley? If Quick Nick buys into SA system, a great pickup.

Lance Watch: Int'l Cycling Union says it will investigate reports of positive drug tests in '99, but won't name names. But we all know who they mean.

Who wants newly free DT Corey Simon? The Dolphins reportedly contacted him, but if he wants to be on a winner, how about the Ravens?

Cassel in, so Rohan Davey cut, proving NFL Europe isn't as valuable as pine time in SoCal. (Could Davey end up with college coach Saban in MIA?)

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