October 13, 2005
Chris Carpenter
Missing from the 2004 run with an injury, Carpenter is just what the Cardinals needed with 8 innings and 2 runs for his second playoff win.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Just when you thought there was no drama in the ALCS ...

Along comes Doug Eddings.

In case you missed it, Eddings was the home plate ump behind Wednesday's "strike three you're out -- wait, no you're not -- you're safe at first" call in the bottom of the ninth.

Did he call him out? Or was it just a strike call?

Eddings says it was just his strike "mechanic." Needless to say, in Angel Nation Doug has become their Don Denkinger.

And if the Angels go home early, it will only get worse.

And let's not forget, Eddings also alowed the pinch-runner to steal second and he gave up the double to Joe Crede, right Angel fans?

Go get some sleep, you all need it.

Cards Top Astros
"Yeah, well wait until we have Pettitte back!"

That was the cry from Astros fans after last season's NLCS loss to the Cards.

Well, you did have him back ... and he stunk.

Reggie Sanders was certainly glad to see Andy in the rotation. His 445-foot two-run homer in the first gave him legend status in St. Louis.

In Pettitte's defense, the guy can't catch a break -- who knows how much he was affected by the line drive that clocked him in the knee during batting practice?

Yankees Lose Mel
As expected, Mel Stottlemyre resigned his post as pitching coach with the Yanks Wednesday.

Not expected, the usually mild-mannered Mel tossed a few shots at the The Boss and the divide between the Yankees' Tampa and Bronx offices:

"Sometimes you have to satisfy two separate groups of people, and it shouldn't be that way."

While Stottlemyre's words may have been heard loud and clear, the silence of manager Joe Torre and GM Brian Cashman are deafening.

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Ricky Williams: Practices with Fins, will play Sunday
Jeremy Shockey: Signs with Giants through 2011
Luke Walton: Out indefinitely after injuring hamstring
Twins & Gophers: Vikings cruise may affect stadium deals
R. Barber: Fined $30K for errant punch that nailed an official
A buyout for Torre? Cashman headed to Philly? Hey, your guess is as good as anyone's at this point.

You'd think the media savvy Torre-Cashman combo would have said something by now ... Stay tuned, it's going to be a fun winter.

Price Is Wrong
After declaring "victory" in his defamation suit settlement with Time, Inc., former Alabama coach Mike Price shouldn't go cash that check just yet.

According to a motion filed Wednesday, it seems that Price and his lawyer were a little too gabby about the deal so Time, Inc. wants everything tossed out.

Wait, it gets better ... If a judge rules for Time, Inc., not only will Price not get a dime, but he will be liable for the company's legal bills.

If this doesn't call for Nelson's signature call from "The Simpsons" then I don't know what does.

Vikes Cruise Update
So ... who did pay for the notorious Vikings cruise in the waters of Lake Minnetonka?

The company that owns the boats says there is "no doubt" it was CB Fred Smoot. Smoot and his agent say no way.

Who cares? If you paid for it or not it doesn't change what happened.

(If you don't know what allegedly went down, let's just say the allegations don't involve a written exam, but an ... you get it now.)

That is unless you're RB Mewelde Moore, who was on one of the boats, and said "That's crazy. Sex? Come on."

Arrington Exposed
Why is LaVar Arrington still on the Redskins' bench?

Accoring to the LB, he has no idea. No one has told him.

Let's have coach Joe Gibbs take this one:

"I've talked to LaVar more than any other player I've ever coached in 30 years, probably three times more."

Arrington played only two plays against Seattle in Week 3 and didn't play at all against Denver last Sunday.

And you spent all that money on your LaVar jersey. Good luck dumping it on eBay.

Josh Paul:
Someone needs to consult their Tom Emanski tapes. When in doubt, tag the batter. Don't toss the ball to the mound.
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The Hornets are feeling the love from their new home in Oklahoma City. Only a few weeks in OK and they already sold 9,500 season tickets.

After the Falcons get no grief from the league for listing Vick as "probable" last week, Belichick takes a subtle swipe doing the same for 15 of his guys.

Where is the Caps' troubled pick Alexander Semin? He's stuck in Russia trying to figure out if he has or hasn't completed his mandatory two-year military commitment

Stay tuned to Court TV next Tuesday. Jayson Williams' lawyers will be on center stage trying to get his reckless manslaughter charge tossed out of court.

Teflon coach Gary Barnett reportedly told a recruit that he will have a contract extension by the end of the month.

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