November 7, 2005
Angela and Renee:
Memo to the two instantly infamous Panthers cheerleaders: Your fifteen minutes of fame start now. Make 'em work for you.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:
GO  T.O.

The year's easiest bandwagon to jump on is "Dump T.O." I'm always wary when criticism is THIS universal.

It begs an interesting debate: How important is winning? Because with T.O., the Eagles would have won last night's game (Brown's effort notwithstanding).

That's the trade-off: Rid the team of an ugly character, but lose a significant weapon on offense. It might cost the Eagles the playoffs.

Which will allow fans to rest easier? Knowing the team has run T.O. off? Or knowing the team has its best chance to win games?

Dumping T.O. is a safe choice. For Eagles fans' sake, let's hope it keeps them warm in January as they sit at home watching other teams compete for the NFC title.

(Meanwhile, was it just good timing -- or perhaps to tweak T.O. -- that RB Brian Westbrook signed a five-year extension on Sunday? I'll take tweaking.)

Cheering Section
Women's bathrooms at nightclubs are the new boat cruises!

T.O.: Who's that?
Pats vs. Colts: Hunh?

I stopped following other sports stories this morning after I read about the arrest in Tampa involving two Panthers cheerleaders.

Two TopCats allegedly got into an altercation with police and other nightclub patrons... after allegedly hooking up in the bathroom stall.

Apparently, the delay at the bathroom entrance caused other club-goers to get frustrated with the bathroom line wait and sparked the alleged incident.

Haven't we all been there?

It's like the best beer ad you've ever seen, only real.

A little background:

Angela is an RN, according to her official Panthers' bio, and her favorite quote is fortuitous: "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away." Amen, sister.

Renee is a student and says the most important thing in life is to, "Live every moment to the fullest and love like you'll never be hurt." Agreed.

With the Panthers' win Sunday, the ladies' employers became the NFC's team to beat. But this news takes it to another level.

Tell me, who doesn't want to see the Panthers win the NFC now? (Next week's game at home against the Jets is, let's just say, a must-see.)

I fully expect the two women to be booted, whether or not the team waits for the law. But their careers have just begun. (Hello, Maxim!)

Of course, less titillating violations than this have ended the career of an NFL team employee.

Some just rip the QB, get in locker-room fights and alienate their co-workers, fans and the entire league.

Carl Edwards: Wins Dickies 500, moves up to third in Chase
Bart Bryant: Golf nobody shellacks field for Tour Champ
Page 2: Celebrated fifth anniversary of launch on Nov. 6
Shaq: Expected to miss at least two weeks with ankle sprain
ACC: On one Saturday, conference "strength" evaporates
Clint Barmes: Wasn't HE supposed to win NL Rookie of Year?
Pats vs. Colts: Yawn?
It's as if Sunday's entire NFL schedule was simply an appetizer to tonight's Game of the Year: Colts at Pats.

But for all the hype, the Colts-Pats rematch doesn't mean anything in the large scheme of things. Or, I should say, "XL" scheme of things.

Let's say the Pats win: Yawn! Belichick owns Peyton. Business as usual.

But let's say the Colts win. Again: So what? Here's a preview of widespread fan reaction. Meaningless, until the Colts beat the Pats in January.

If there's any intrigue, it's how the revamped Colts D will do against a Pats offense that is a weak resemblance to its 2004 version. Rivalry-watchers will be looking for foreshadowing to see if the Indy D has the stuff to bottle the Pats in the playoffs, when it counts.

But tonight's individual result means nothing for two teams whose goals are no less than a Super Bowl XL title.

NFL Week 9 Wrap
Coach of the week: D. Vermeil. Went for the last-second win with a TD instead of settling for OT with a full game. Nutty risk, huge reward

Sub QB of the week: B. Johnson. Daunte Who? As predicted by anyone with a sense of irony, Brad directed the Vikes to a win (15-22, 0 turnovers).

Team of the week: Panthers. The only team in the NFC that seems to have it together on both offense and defense, makes them the conference's team to beat.

Injury of the week: RB Pick 'em. Willie Parker? Thomas Jones? Kevin Jones? Mewelde Moore? Fred Taylor? Tony Fisher? (Fantasy waivers gone wild!)

VA Tech NOT No. 1
VA Tech losing to Miami may not have vindicated the BCS, but it did affirm that college football's regular season attrition is as good of a system to find a champion as any in sports.

Unlike any other sport, in college football, as soon as a team loses a game, their title shot is essentially over. That makes for a 12-week playoff system, from September to December.

And guess what? It's working.

Sure, the system tilts with more than two unbeatens (or, more likely, if there are no unbeatens). But for now, the gripers are silenced.

CFB: Who's No. 3?
Quickie Top 10 Ballot
1 USC | 2 Texas | 3 Miami
4 Bama | 5 Notre Dame | 6 LSU
7 PA St | 8 OH St | 9 Auburn
Honorary No. 10: Fresno St.

Why does one-loss Miami deserve to be ahead of unbeaten Alabama? Because the 'Canes went into Blacksburg and thumped a VA Tech team everyone considered in the same group with USC and Texas.

NBA Weekend Wrap
Brown still going Wrong Way: Knicks winless, and Larry has gone so far as to turn to his rookies for spark. That bad already?

Sizzling Clippers are 3-0: You read that right. Cassell/Mobley is the new Frazier/Monroe. And that should scare everyone.

Pistons BETTER than with Brown? After three games, Detroit seems to have all the D of the Brown Era, but suddenly with explosive O to go with it.

Bandwagon Watch: Bucks. How can you not love this Lottery-to-Hottery story? Win over Heat came without Shaq playing, but who cares?

MLB Awards: Rookie
N.L.: Ryan Howard. Phillies slugger gets my nod over Francoeur. Hey, if you inspire fans to say "Trade Thome," you're hot.

Others in Quickie contention:
Francoeur, Taveras, Duke

A.L.: Huston Street. The A's closer's success is symbolic of the hot trend to find college pitching talent that is drafted MLB-ready.

Others in Quickie contention:
Chacin, Swisher, Iguchi, Cano

(Coming tomorrow: AL Cy)

Wayne Chrebet
Yet another concussion should end the career of the Jets WR. (I say "should." It's his choice, but he'd be insane to keep playing.)
Today on
Quickie: Live!
Page 2 Critics
NFL Wrap
NFC Power Ranking
Class of a sketchy conference.
Defense remains dominant.
Eli emerging as NFC's best?
Alexander is NFC's LT.
Up for Grabs
(Like I would say Philly?)

MLB GM Meetings: Begin today and there are all sorts of intrigue surrounding the Red Sox and Dodgers. L.A. eyeing Hart (but, they should promote Ng!)

Heresy: Maybe it's time for the Packers to start focusing on the post-Favre Era and give QB protege Aaron Rodgers some snaps during games.

Who else can't believe the Bears are 5-3 and leading the NFC North? Has there been a less impressive division in the NFL in the last decade?

Kevin Millar thinks that he, Damon and Mueller, as a package, can inject a championship Idiots' vibe into a contender (via Boston Herald).

More CFB: Miami losing top RB Tyrone Moss to knee injury should make them a shaky No. 3, but backup Charlie Jones seems to be yet another stud.

Congrats to NYC Marathon winners Paul Tergat (closest men's finish ever!) and Jelena Prokupcuka (first Latvian winner ever). A great day of racing.

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