November 9, 2005
Kim Ng:
Why are the Dodgers waiting on John Hart for GM? They could make the boldest personnel move in sports in 50 years by promoting MLB's first female GM. Do it!
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Take back T.O.!

That's right: The Eagles don't have to accept his apology (which should have come a week ago, when it could have made a difference), but if they want to win this season, they should use this opportunity to take him back.

They should still suspend him for a few games -- they have to save face. But instead of putting him on the inactive list, they should put him back in the starting lineup.

Is his contrition sincere?
Do his teammates want him?
Is Andy Reid that stubborn?

Who cares? Let's remember: He makes the team better. And principles won't satisfy the fans when they're watching other teams play in January.

Before he apologized, it was easy to demonize him. Now that he has, the team's intractable position simply looks pigheaded.

They're listening to the howling media, rather than looking at the standings.

T.O. has given them the ultimate out pattern -- a way out of this mess without losing their top playmaker or their self-respect.

Too late for "sorry?"

Not in the NFL.

NBA Wrap
Warriors stop Bucks: In a battle of the biggest bandwagon "growth" teams in each conference, Golden State gave Milwaukee their first loss of the season. How? Baron Davis locked up NBA first-week MVP T.J. Ford.

Pistons top 100 again: Same old D, spanking new O. By the end of the season, fans will realize that Larry Brown handcuffed this team; Flip Saunders is letting them go on offense -- and they're better for it.

Kobe tops 30 again: Fourth straight game. I'm sure he loves leading the league in scoring, but what's the long-term effect on his team's chemistry and development?

Cheerleader Update
Whoever had "Within a day" in the "How soon after Monday morning will they get offers to pose for Penthouse?" wins the pool.

Meanwhile, conflicting (and far less tantalizing) accounts are emerging that the two were NOT having sex in the bathroom stall.

One might have simply been helping the other after having too much to drink. Don't they know that's not nearly as sensational of a story?

Frank Robinson: Gets Presidential Medal of Freedom today
Ohio St: Hoops will get commitment from C Greg Oden today
Monday Night Football: IND/NE gets highest rating in 5 yrs
Renee Thomas: Fugitive arrest warrant issued for ex-TopCat
Urbina: Arrested, pending charge of attempted murder
Vitali Klitschko: WBC h'weight champ retires (knee injury)
Big Ben to Sit
Favorable schedule: Roethlisberger will miss Sunday's game vs. Cleveland. That's on top of last week's game vs. the pitiful Packers. Even Charlie Batch can't screw up this sweet deal. Keep those cupcakes coming!

Priest Holmes Injury Watch: Is this sensational running back's career over? Fans in Kansas City are freaking out, but it's all speculation. Must-track story of the day.

MLB Hot Stove
Soriano to Mets? Gotta love Mets GM Omar Minaya, who always seems to have his team in the mix for the most exciting deals. Yesterday it was Manny; today it's Soriano (via NY Times) and Huff/Baez (via NY Daily News). Minaya knows: Perception counts.

Bowden to talk to BoSox: As discussed yesterday, this will make a nice ironic bookend when Theo ends up running the Nats. Who else knows which team would get the better of that swap?

Uh, is Theo coming back? Hot rumor out of Boston (via Herald) is that some execs are trying to convince Epstein to come back. As smoothly as he left, it still seems like a pipe dream to think he'd double back.

MLB Awards: Manager
AL: Ozzie Guillen in a rout. He went from chatty novelty to the template for passionate, player-friendly (and dare I say, strategically effective) championship manager. (Runner-up: Eric Wedge in '06!)

NL: Bobby Cox, who took a team everyone was convinced was finally the Braves' dud and turned it into yet another East title. (Runner-up: Phil Garner, who rallied Houston from 15 games under .500 to an NL title.)

Hoops All-Americans
All-Americans led by Duke: Fans may hate J.J. Redick, but preseason All-America voters love him, putting him on the 1st-team with teammate Sheldon Williams. Surprise, surprise.

Popular Dee Brown (Illinois) and low-profile Craig Smith (B.C.) also made the team, along with trendy Adam Morrison (Gonzaga). As usual, the most talented player was left off (UConn's Rudy Gay, who led the second team).

Meanwhile, Seimone Augustus was the only unanimous pick on the women's All-American team. The LSU star is the most talented player in the country -- of either gender.

NFL Midseason Awards
Halfway to XL:
Offense MVP: LaDainian Tomlinson
Defense MVP: Dwight Freeney
Coach of Year: Marvin Lewis
Rookie Stud: Kyle Orton
Rookie Dud: Pacman Jones

Best On-Field Plotlines:
(1) Pats, Eagles struggle
(2) Colts find D to go with O
(3) Bengals become NFL power

Best Off-Field Plotlines:
(1) Vikings boat cruise
(2) Saga of T.O.
(3) Panthers cheerleaders

Drew Rosenhaus:
"What have you done for T.O. other than getting him kicked off the team?" Press conference question sums up the sorry life of a "super-agent" these days.
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MLB Awards Wrap: Bartolo Colon won it. I'm not saying he wasn't among the worthies, but once again, voters go with win total as the key factor.

Meanwhile, Mariano Rivera's 2nd-place finish was the best he'll probably ever do. It's only a moral victory, but he does have all those rings ...

Once again, Syracuse enjoys early-season cupcake snacking. Last night, they whomped Bethune-Cookman, 68-37. Tonight, they get Cornell. Yeesh.

Tonight's CBB: St. Peter's at Florida. After losing 3 stars to the NBA, the Gators go with a youth movement. Watch sophs Al Horford and Corey Brewer.

NBA Tonight: Heat-Pacers showdown (ESPN, 8 p.m. ET); more Oklahoma City fun for Hornets; winless Knicks at Blazers; remember when Lakers vs. Timberwolves mattered?

Must-Read: ESPN The Magazine's in-depth report on MLB's Steroid Era. Check back on later today for special online extras.

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