January 8, 2003
Trista Rehn:
Friend of Page 2 "Bachelorette" turns tables on guys, starting tonight. One woman, 25 dudes? It's like a bad bar ...
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

How could anyone have seen Kobe Bryant's NBA-record 3-pointer onslaught coming? Last Saturday, he was 0-for-8 in a loss to the Suns. Last night, however, when he hit 12 -- including nine in a row -- it was the most impressive distance-shooting performance in pro-hoops history. Watching the replays, the jaw-dropping thing is how many shots he made with Sonics up in his grill. It's like that old Reebok hoops ad: "Dunks are nice ... but when a 35-footer comes raining out of the sky," Kobe extends the case that he's the best player in the League.

So long, 3-D:
After Kobe's performance, you need a forensic investigator to find the remaining traces of ex-record-holder Dennis Scott. They include DNA samples found in some crumpled-up fast-food wrappers and a few partial fingerprints on the passenger-side door of Shaq's Bentley.

Further Review
NFL commish Tags said the league will review all aspects of officiating during the offseason, following the Giants-Niners debacle. The league should take a page from the NBA: All final plays of the game that potentially affect the outcome should be automatically reviewed by the entire officiating crew. Who could side against having more accurate and fair results from that?

Is this like that HUD thing?
There's a crazy tidbit from the New Jersey local-legislature scene: One pol is calling for the NFL to let the Giants host the 2006 Super Bowl to make up for the lost tax revenue from not having the players involved in another week's worth of games.

Hall of Hair
Maybe if Ryne Sandberg had porn-star-style curly locks like Gary Carter and Eddie Murray had in their heydays, he would have ended up on more than 50 percent of the ballots. The Hall works more like the Oscars than the Peoples' Choice. Not saying

1. Donovan Millionaire: Reid holding AJ out as super-sub?
2. Kobe Millionaire: All along, modeling game after Legler
3. Amare Millionaire: 4 points last night? Man-child or boy?
1. Ryne Millionaire: You're so in! (Actually, not even close)
2. Jeremy Millionaire: No Rookie award. Shocker.
3. Xavier Millionaire: Final Four contender, 'til PG got hurt
that popularity should be a big factor (though anytime "All-Star starter" is mentioned as criteria, that's what's happening), but the lack of transparency in the voting process is a joke. Publish all the ballots and let the writers defend their decisions (to their credit, some already do).

Cap question:
One of the biggest questions coming out of Tuesday's announcement: Which hat will Carter wear -- the Expos (making it the first Expos hat in the Hall) or the Mets (could be only '86 guy to make it)? Forget for a second about the ludicrousness that the Hall picks the hat for the player; the Expos' novelty, given the team's imminent relocation, and current fashion relevance makes it the easy choice.

McTrash Talk
Falcons DB Ray Buchanan said he'd probably rather play Donovan McNabb because he's not as mobile right now as AJ Feeley. He'll find out; McNabb was named the starter and remained quietly understated about how he's feeling. That's

scarier than a loud reply, so here's the first flip-flop from Monday's crack-smoking predictions: Eagles win.

Coaching gossip:
Former "Hard Knocks" star Dave Campo met with Seattle yesterday about the open d-coordinator job, but with coaching pal Butch Davis looking for help in Cleveland after the retirement of Foge Fazio, he's reportedly more likely to end up with the Browns than the Seahawks ... Speaking of defense, after managing the NFL's 26th-ranked D, first-year Vikings coordinator Willie Shaw was dumped. One report out of Minny attributes the decision partly to Shaw's aversion to using new technology. So he won't be reading this ... He was replaced with George "C.V." O'Leary, who -- surprise -- got no love from colleges for head-coach openings.

Nolan Richardson III:
Tenn. State coach gives new meaning to "on the firing line."
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