March 12, 2003
Trish Juhline:
Scored 18 points -- and hit her free throws down the stretch -- in leading 'Nova to upset of UConn.
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Would-be Cinderellas, men or women: Look to Villanova's women for the blueprint of how to pull off an ultimate upset, like the 52-48 win over UConn that snapped the Huskies' 70-game win streak.

Start with a contrarian system (your usual sets, not a one-time gimmick); add a couple big 3s; don't miss free throws; and pray the other team has their worst shooting day of the season. Simple, right?

NFL to Refs: Out
Good for the NFL for asking eight underperforming refs to resign (or face firing), as the NY Times reports. Overall performance had enough holes in it to justify making some cuts -- and to scare leftovers into shaping up.

MLB and Contraction
As the story explodes today about MLB's scenario back in 2000 to contract the Angels -- the 2002 World Champion Angels -- the best coffee-break game to play is: How would things have changed if they had dispersed that roster all over the league?

MLB and Steroids
The MLB players' union needs to remember Rule Number One of Controversy Management: Be out in front of it. Today's application: Taking the lead on permanent mandatory steroid testing.

Or else: The next time a splinter group of fair-minded players decides to skip a drug test -- triggering mandatory monitoring anyway -- the union won't be able to talk them out of it and its control will be eroded.

Georgia Fallout
We're past Georgia's internal mess. Here's the new topic: If the

1. MLB considered folding the Angels 2 years ago
2. MJ's pep-talk worked (Stack: 31/8/5, Wiz beat Orl)
3. The Warriors want to make the NBA playoffs
1. Rumors of 20-year-old. age limit for NBA Draft
2. Focus on mid-majors; hoop powers ramp it up
3. Jay Williams' hopes of being Bulls' starting PG
Dawgs used verboten players, how will the Selection Committee view a team's losses to UGA? It must factor it in, which affects all the SEC's bubble boys.

More from UGA: Junior star Jarvis Hayes says he is going to the NBA (shocker), unless he's picked worse than 13th. (If you buy that last part, I have a bracket to sell you with UNC-Asheville in the Final Four.)

NHL Trade Frenzy
And if you thought NFL free agency disrupted a team's roster continuity, consider yesterday's NHL trade deadline, where 24 deals went down. The big bet: Toronto's win-now philosophy.

C-Week Fix
Finally got it last night, supporting why to watch all those small-

conference finals: A 26-year-old Navy vet hit an 18-footer with a second left, punching a Dance ticket for IUPUI, whose coach was wriggling on the floor in jubilation. So was I ... is that a sign of a problem?

Sleeper: Milwaukee
A real problem is going to come out of watching Wisconsin-Milwaukee dismantle Butler: Now I'm in love with UWM as an upset special -- no matter which better-seeded team they are placed against.

Yankees QB prospect Drew Henson:
Shipped to Triple-A -- again. Annual spring-training tradition: To ask which NFL team will take a flier and draft this guy?
Baseball's best pitching duos
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P2: Sports lies
IN: NFL rumors
Championship Week

Bizarro NBA: Eddy Curry outplays Shaq, Bulls beat Lakers...
With new LB Rosevelt Colvin, Pats won't miss playoffs this year ...

Is Oregon willing to trade a casino license for a free baseball stadium? ...

St. Bona guard tells Wash. Post: Quitting "wasn't the right thing to do." No ...ya think?

Quickie All-America team: Carmelo Anthony, TJ Ford, Josh Howard, Hollis Price, Dwyane Wade.

C-Week Picks: St. Francis (Northeast), Weber St. (Big Sky). Yesterday: Milwaukee, W. Ky (Yes); Valpo (Oops, barely) ...

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