March 21, 2003
Cal G Richard Midgley:
He looks a little like his name sounds: a little British kid ... who just happened to hit the clutch 3 to lift Cal over N.C. State.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Sixteen games into the NCAA Tournament, the question goes from "Who's in your Final Four?" to "How's your bracket doing?"

Boom n' Bust: Did you see Tulsa's upset of Dayton coming? (Yup.) Did you have Milwaukee going way too far? (Yikes ...)

However: Thursday was less about Upset City than more of an Upset Neighborhood or two in Chalk Town.

It wasn't pretty ... for most of the favored seeds, but remember the mantra of the tournament: "Survive and advance."

Thursday Wrap
Let's hear no more talk about how great Dayton is. Who? (Harsh Tournament Reality No. 1: If you aren't still in it, we've already forgotten about you ... this means you too, Creighton.)

Notre Dame survives
The Irish collectively shaved their heads, but the real close shave was a missed game-winning bunny by Wisc.-Milwaukee. And what was up with the Irish uniforms? Worst. Jerseys. Ever.

Friday Preview
Fans would be lucky to have the same kind of tight games as Thursday, but how about a few more bracket-busting upsets? (Anyone but Manhattan ... please.)

Kings Beat Lakers
While the rivals were sniping at each other, a game broke out. But we'll pay less attention to the result (Kings win) than two side stories:

1) Sacramento's constant complaining to the refs, which drew three worthy T's. (Phil Jax called them "whiners" after the game. More head games.)

1 The Pac-10: Unbeaten on Day 1. Talk to me Monday
2 The true Marquette stud is li'l Travis Diener
3 Cincy radio guy: No excuse for being booted. Fire him
1 BYU bracket snafu: Pool managers breathe easier
2 Mo Valley: SIU, Crei lose. "Rising" league? Hardly
3 Vermont's long, strange Big Dance road trip
2) Shaq's continued insistence that the Kings must play "perfect" to beat the Lakers. Sacto wandered through three quarters last night and still won, so Shaq has it backwards.

Spurs Top Mavs
Seriously, who needs Jason Kidd? Underappreciated Frenchie Parker floated a last-second oopsy-daisy over several massive Mavs to lead S.A. past Dallas in OT.

Don't read too much into it: Dallas didn't play Mike Finley, who was either injured or watching his alma mater, Wisconsin, beat Weber State.

Bay Hill
Arnie and Jack? Quaint, like an antique store.

More importantly, Tiger is in the hunt to win Bay Hill for the fourth consecutive time, unprecedented

in the modern era. (Are Arnie and Jack considered "modern era" anymore?)

Pick "Six to Life"
It's a dark day for the Drexel TKE's (party at the house tonight, dudes!). The three former brothers who rigged the Breeders' Cup Pick Six last fall all got "Oz" time.

Olympic Iverson
Forget "Free AI!" Now it's "Pick AI!"&for the Olympic hoops team. (Can I get a T-shirt for that too?) Shaq's on the bandwagon. Now, so is Sixers coach Larry Brown, who threw his support behind Iverson last night.

Montreal Canadiens fans:
At least, the ones who booed the U.S. National Anthem last night before the game vs. the Islanders.
Day 1: Biggest surprise, best game, more
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