June 9, 2003
Jamie-Lynn Sigler:
National Anthem most impressive thing about last night's NBA Finals Game 3. But Nets, Spurs couldn't clear a real high bar ...
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Who needs Jason Kidd? A week ago, the Spurs' screw-Parker-get-Kidd-at-all-costs bandwagon was rocking. But after Pepe Le Point's 26-and-6 last night (the only part of the game that didn't make you wince), what's important is not that he's out-playing Kidd right now (Kidd's still better over a full season); it's that Parker is good enough.

Good enough: To ascend to the top tier of NBA points. To make last season's playoff revelation, Mike Bibby, look tired. To allow the Spurs spend their ample cap money on a big man. To repair U.S./France relations (well, not that good). To lead the Spurs to a title. Good enough.

Must-Watch: Game 7s
"One-and-done" playoff systems (i.e., NFL/NCAA hoops) are great, but six games of pressure-cooker build-up makes the NBA/MLB/NHL seven-game championship series the most intense climax in sports.

Hockey even more than the others: Usually frustrating lack of scoring (can't explain the last two games) means "less is more"; a single shot could -- and will -- be the difference.

Ducks 1, Devils 0 OT

Neuheisel Watch
What's the status of "Pick (or Flick) Rick?" office-pools? Can I have a peek at his pool sheet? Can I still get in?

(No more bets! say amateur office bookies ... um, social facilitators, anticipating possible news today. Predicts here he gets the boot.)

1 Ducks at Devils: Game 7. Cup on line. 'Nuff said.
2 Phillies at Angels: Double-dose of Anaheim sports
3 FBR Capital Open: Thanks to rain, final round today
1 Tony Stewart: Pocono 500 win busts 27-race slump
2 French Open: Wake me when Williams sibs hit Wimbledon
3 LPGA: Annika (LPGA Champ champ) just too good for rest
Pete Rose Sighting
Impressive that Pete Rose contained his usual penchant for self-promotion while checking out a couple rain-shortened innings on the down low at the Reds game yesterday from some choice (but not special-treatment) seats behind home plate. How cool would it be to have him sitting next to you to break down hitters?

ACC/Big East
Like suing the prom queen because she picked to date the hunky football hero over you, the nebbishy school Strat-o-Matic champ: ACC-spurned Virginia Tech as part of the five-school
Big East suit against Miami, BC and the ACC is a joke (if

not unexpected).

Less funny: The ACC will agree that nothing ruins a good league-poaching like litigious opponents.

Funny Cide
Given weekend surge of pop interest in horse racing, why wait until Aug. 23 for next Funny Cide/Empire Maker matchup? How about a made-for-TV 1-on-1 (a la Seabiscuit and War Admiral)?

Carmelo Anthony
Has the presumptive No. 3 NBA draft pick been displaced by 7-4 Euro-teen phenom Pavel Podkolzine?
Worst in-laws ever? Vote below!
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Congrats to Tony Awards Best Play, "Take Me Out," some of the best writing about baseball you'll ever enjoy ...

Sosa Watch: Suspension-appeal hearing coming soon (not that it'll help). But everyone was glad he played series vs. Yankees ...

Jeff Van Gundy to decide soon between Rockets, Wizards or more TV ...

Kudos to LeBron on getting his diploma, but "NBA Graduate School" ain't like playing the kiddies ...

J-Lo near a deal to star in new comedy about awful mom-in-law (see poll) ...

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