June 11, 2003
U.S. Open rookie Tom Glissmeyer:
16-year-old is youngest player at Olympia Fields. (Coincidentally, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" just named No. 1 song of last 25 years by VH-1.)
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Nets coach Byron Scott is doing his best Phil Jackson impersonation, whining about the NBA Finals officiating, which is what guys who are considered players' coaches (like P-Jax) do when they're outmatched strategically.

Scott's real problem: His best player won't touch that it's-the-refs'-fault line: Jason Kidd rightfully pointed out that the team had to get more "aggressive" going to the hoop.

Sounds like a not-so-subtle public message from star to coach that the Nets need to tinker with their strategy, not their excuses.

Appropriate VH-1 Top 100 Song? "Fight the Power" Public Enemy (No. 19)

Neuheisel Watch
"Beat It" Michael Jackson (No. 40) There are still hazy, conflicting reports out of Seattle, but when general gabbery turns to the standard Great Buy-Out Debate ("Give me my money" vs. "'Just cause' means 'No payout'"), we're definitely in the twilight of U-Dub's glorious Neuheisel Era.

ACC/Big East
"Are You Gonna Go My Way?" Lenny Kravitz (No. 50) The ACC tabled its expansion vote yesterday, with perhaps another shot at it tonight. Cue ominous, maybe-this-won't-work-out music.

Meanwhile, the Virginia governor asked the NCAA to step in and mediate, if step in and mediate means Virginia Tech fans vote, so please make ACC take them, too.

1 Spurs at Nets: Not MUST-win for New Jersey, but NEED-win
2 Cards at Red Sox: Pedro returns for first start in month
3 Decision on Sosa appeal? Maybe (Don't expect leniency)
1 Tiger in a slump? Go on and keep thinking that ...
2 Yankees (Boss??) cut Wrigley fave RP Juan Acevedo
3 Van Gundy legend: Once intro'd by Rockets, just a coach
If ACC leaves Miami hanging: 'Canes should countersue Big East to go independent in football (a la Notre Dame), then cut sweet TV deal for telegenic team.

More NBA Finals
Matchup to Watch: Dikembe Mutombo vs. Malik Rose After days of hearing about the facial he took in Game 3, Deke has challenged the Spurs' portly posterizer to just try to bring that weak, um, stuff again. Of course, Deke has to see more than scraps of PT to make good on his end.

MLB Marketing
"Say My Name" Destiny's Child (No. 79) Rookie OF Baldelli was punked last night by his D-Rays teammates, who secretly swapped his first name "Rocco" onto the back of his jersey.

Idea: MLB should do that for ALL players, for one day, beer-league-softball style.

Highlight-Montage Top 5
The Top 5 songs you'd most want your favorite team's highlights set to in a video montage (choosing from VH-1's Top 100 list): (1) Lose Yourself (Eminem, No. 4); (2) Don't Stop Believin' (Journey, No. 49); (3) Mama Said Knock You Out (LL Cool J, No. 73); (4) I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor, No. 44); (5) Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benetar, No. 89).

"205" area-code jerseys
Mothball the look made famous by Ruuu-ben; Idol won't be sporting it anymore. (Thought those 'Bama digits went passe with Mike Price?)
Is Tiger a longshot? Vote below!
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Tulane trustees vote to keep athletics DI-A; opponents who enjoy New Orleans road trip on schedule rejoice ...

If the Nets move to Long Island, can they expect the same type of overwhelming support and cachet as the Islanders?...

Still looking for an American sports fan who cares even slightly about the fate of international soccer star David Beckham ...

Phillies sold 1,900 Vet seats on first day of public sale. Good seats still available, presumably ...

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