July 22, 2003
Manchester United:
Beckham-less, but still wildly popular, soccer team kicks off U.S. tour vs. Celtic in Seattle today. Tickets for NJ, Philly are red-hot.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Wonder if Kobe Bryant was on VH-1's original list of the top 200 pop-culture icons?

For whatever reason, he didn't make the final cut, which included 10 sports names: (8) MJ; (16) Ali; (51) Tiger; (58) Magic; (65) Jackie Robinson; (96) Gretzky; (106) DiMaggio; (136) Babe; (156) Venus/Serena; (188) Namath.

Notably missing: Eponymous grill-master George Foreman; Dirty Dozener Jim Brown; anthropomorphic Secretariat (or Seabiscuit); gender-relationship expert Billie Jean King; punchline/puncher Tonya Harding; OJ.

Five contenders for the next century: Yao Ming, Freddy Adu, Michelle Wie, Tony Hawk, Kobe LeBron James.

Arenas Picks Wiz
Considering that landing Gilbert Arenas would give the Stackhouse-led Wizards the East's best backcourt (the Warriors can't match the $65M offer unless they move players), the team has done a 180 since commanding a pile-on of bad p.r. after dumping MJ. New coach, new personnel chief, new attitude. Too bad it's the old frontline.

Dennehy Update
Patrick Dennehy's ex-roommate Carlton Dotson was charged with his murder Monday, though there are conflicting accounts whether Dotson has actually confessed to authorities.

The Dennehy saga, which dominated headlines late last month, has been eclipsed by the Kobe Bryant story. However, in yesterday's information lull about Bryant, Dotson's arrest received the spotlight.

BCS Largesse
The BCS cartel affirmed that there won't be a playoff: But it

1 Roy Halladay goes for 15th straight win (vs. Yanks)
2 Another chance to watch recycled 6-0 phenom Jose Lima
3 Vlad Guerrero off DL; but Expos 6 back in wild-card chase
1 Dan Rooney: Steelers king steps aside for son Art II
2 Anaheim Angels: World Champs have lost five straight
3 Kobe: Story's lack of news is like fire w/o oxygen
said it would meet in September with the Have-Not schools, who, if they're smart, will present a plan to allot one of the BCS at-large spots to a non-BCS "Cinderella" team (a.k.a. "The Anti-Notre Dame").

NBA: Miller Time
Who else buys into the theory that if the Pacers let paint enforcer (and break-out All-Star) Brad Miller leave for the Jazz, Indiana's new $120 million investment Jermaine O'Neal won't be nearly as effective?

NFL Camping
The Quickie will be occasionally stalking ESPN.com's Clayton and Pasquarelli as they hit NFL training camps.

Where's Len? BUCS: Interesting tidbit -- Jon Gruden tried CB Ronde Barber at tailback for a few plays. Hope he doesn't have Tiki's dropsies.

Bird Watching
WNBA role model Sue Bird pulled out of a wager that put her ass assist-to-turnover ratio up against a spanking from a Seattle radio DJ. The DJ could recover by making the same bet to Sonics rookie PG Luke Ridnour.

Giving new meaning to the phrase "Ocean's Eleven": George Clooney is in the market to buy Italian Serie B team Como near his phat lakeside palace, according to Britain's ITV. Maybe Michael Jordan can get some love as a soccer team owner.

Britney Spears:
Ex-A-lister reportedly dropped from/dropped out of NASCAR-themed movie. One Quickie reader proposed a "Finch-hitter."
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The "new hotness," Giants rookie Jerome Williams, got a ND last night, but the team won in his fifth straight start ...

Cheers to the 30-year-old: Swimming comeback sensation Jenny Thompson won the Worlds 100m fly, her record 11th championships medal ...

Carmelo poured in 20 last night in Utah's NBA summer league; draft-night underdog Maciej Lampe continues to impress (17 pts) ...

A motivated Lance Armstrong is kind of like The Hulk: Wouldn't like him when he's angry ('cause he just whoops everyone) ...

Beane strikes again: Top A's prospect Rich Harden pitched a stellar debut last night: 1 ER, 4 H in 7 IP ...

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