July 24, 2003
Suzy Whaley:
Tees off in PGA's Greater Hartford Open today without an Annika-type media blitz, but any sports gender-bending makes great theater.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

In the NBA, not much gets the pulse quickening like a good menage a trois, especially when it involves a couple of title contenders -- like this new three-way between the Kings, Spurs and Pacers:

Kings: Badder
Vlade Divac may bedevil the Lakers with mind tricks, but imported East All-Star Brad Miller doesn't mind throwing around the muscle, having already had one throw-down with Shaq a few seasons ago.

Spurs: Better
The Lakers have gotten all the free-agency fanfare: But quietly, the Spurs have gotten better than last year, picking up underrated Hedo Turkoglu (and overrated Ron Mercer) in this latest deal, to go with savvy Robert Horry and Admiral sub Rasho Nesterovic.

Pacers: Sideburns
A seven-foot cardboard cut-out could contend for the center spot on the East All-Star team: So Miller replacement Scot Pollard may have a shot.

Jermaine O'Neal will miss Brad the Bruiser, but facial-hair fantasy-team first-round pick Pollard is a fan favorite.

Kobe: Another Ring?
Vanessa Bryant said she "will give [Kobe] all the strength and support he needs." Kobe, meanwhile, will reportedly give his wife a $4M, 8-carat purple diamond adultery make-good ring, which People mag says he bought her on Monday.

Griffey Watch
Ken Griffey Jr. dismisses retirement talk: But he should take my Page 2 colleague Jim Caple's advice and abdicate from

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Queen City. He could still have a nice end to his career as a DH in the AL.

The 2004 Athens Olympics are going to set a record for number of competing nations, yet apparently there is an outcry that the city is ramping up expansion of the world's oldest profession to, um, service the expected tourism influx.

Total Recall
As California Gov. Gray Davis deals with his own recall issues this morning, the Quickie considers five sports-leadership recalls worth exploring: (1) the USOC; (2) Boxing promoters; (3) WNBA's Val Ackerman; (4) the ATP; (5) Bud Selig.

Yankees Century
Arguably, the highest compliment of success in any

industry is to be called "The Yankees of ..." Over the team's 100 years (roasted today on Page 2), they have been the most dominant team in sports -- the ultimate dynasty.

Hasn't that sucked? Thank goodness, then, for recently developed artificial controls like salary caps that ensure that winning will be spread around -- if not evenly, then at least outside New York. Oh, wait: Except cap-less baseball, which can look forward to another 100 years of damn Yankees.

Baylor hoops:
Amid the unfolding tragedy, new allegations are emerging that the team may have provided no-no benefits to Patrick Dennehy and his g/f.
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Bonds jacks No. 645

Ohio St coach says he'll start to emphasize academics ... uh, even more. Yeah, that's it: Emphasize academics EVEN MORE ...

Nuggets reportedly eyeing free agent Li'l Earl Boykins as a backup PG. Just watch: He'll play his way ahead of pricey Andre Miller ...

With Chas Rogers and his $14.4M bonus, the top four NFL draft picks have signed. Draft coverage should include a "holdout factor" for each player ...

Mavs aren't standing pat, either: NYDN reports Knicks' Ward/Thomas for Mavs' LaFrentz/TBD is simmering ...

Call it the "Big Lame Duck": Could there be a more awkward scene than Big East football media day? ...

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