August 5, 2003
New Red Sox P
Jeff Suppan:

Theo's trade-deadline success put to huge test in Suppan's Bosox debut tonight. Success judged on innings pitched -- the more the better.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Countdown to Court: 1 day Circumstances are bricking like a bad foul shot for Teen Choice favorite male athlete Kobe Bryant. Losing the Nutella endorsement is the least of his problems:

* Kobe TV: His legal team lost an appeal to keep cameras out of the courtroom. (Despite the expected media frenzy, don't expect much from Wednesday's ho-hum procedural hearing.)

* Leaks: There are reports of a spa bellhop who heard from the alleged victim, upset, soon after she and Kobe got together. (As always, in an info void, tidbits get inflated beyond their possible real value.)

Here's an upshot: When the strategy "Settle" is being floated via New York Post rumor doyenne Cindy Adams (reads more like "Settle, stupid"), maybe it's more than just idle gossip.

Cuban on Kobe
Mark Cuban is a marketing genius and a straight-shooter, but his self-admittedly "cold-blooded" Kobe-nalysis on Access Hollywood last night was wacked: "From a business perspective, it's great for the NBA."

It's not like Jail-Blazers games are setting ratings records: Interest among non-NBA fans for Kobe's court appearances may result in huge ratings for that, but Lakers games (the NBA impact) were already going to have mass interest due to the team's four stars.

Like the old "You Make the Call" ad:

NFL Exhibitions: Totally necessary. Even watching that scary injury to Chiefs OT Willie Jones in last night's Hall of Fame Game.

Playing complete exhibition games: Totally unnecessary. Great call to cancel the game late in the third quarter with all that nasty weather.

1 Marlins at Cards: Hot at home, can Florida win on road?
2 Royals at White Sox: It's on Loaiza to get Chicago a W
3 Angels at Red Sox: Rubber hits road for Suppan's start
1 Nutella: But was anyone in U.S. even eating the stuff?
2 (Mike) Price is wrong: 'Bama seeks lawsuit dismissal
3 MLB whining about money: Signs apparel deal worth $500M
Royals Rule
What's wrong with "knee-jerk" "half-baked" "instant history?" Morning-after analysts can optimistically call last night's 13-9 win by the Cinde-Royals over the tailgating White Sox a "statement." Yet, KC will probably have to sweep this series to earn respect from the cynics.

Lennox Lewis ...
Reportedly considering retirement, but for the good of his sport, he can't: Boxing (particularly heavyweights) would lose its center of gravity, just when fans are skeptically starting to pay attention again (the remaining high-profile match of 2003, Lewis-Klitschko II, is off). Don't even suggest "Mike Tyson's 'Return to Solvency' Battle Royale."

New York Drivers
When will we look back and realize NASCAR tipped from cool to overextended? This weekend, when a Richard Petty-owned Dodge sports a Yankees logo at a race in Watkins Glen, N.Y. Sure, it's like driving -- a stake through hearts of good ol' racing fans everywhere.

Missing Cup
Eventually, photos are going to surface of the Stanley Cup (missing for 24 hours last week on its world tour) on a bender, partying with strippers and mashing with college co-eds. Internet rumors already swirling ...

Lingerie Bowl I
From the "Super Bowl Counter-Programming File": Jim McMahon will coach "Team Dream" in the pay-per-view "Lingerie Bowl" on Super Sunday. For the obligatory music-video tie-in, can they get away with "Powder Puffle" as a natural rhyme with "L-Bowl Shuffle?"

Jen and Ben:
Based on god-awful box-office returns to match god-awful reviews, the Lopez-Affleck movie "Gigli" really WAS pronounced "giggly."
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Would Cuban still call it "great for the NBA" if it involved one of HIS players? ...

Will the Duncan-Garnett "Axis of adidas" become a big thing next summer when KG is a free agent? ...

Wizards of Obvious: UCLA is going to call the Pauley Pavilion floor "Wooden Court" ...

Just what the young L.A. Clippers need: Olden Poly(notso)nice's seven feet of soothing serenity ...

Take a number: Tennis big-server Mark Philippoussis linked with Tara Reid, acc. to NY Post gossip ...

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