August 12, 2003
Albert Pujols:
Extended hit streak to 25 games, with a HR no less. Oh yeah, leads NL in average, second in HRs and RBIs. Believe in AP.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

The catch phrase of the trade season -- relief pitching -- will mean little to either the A's or the Red Sox, as long as Oakland starter Tim Hudson throws wicked two-hitters and A's hitters knock off rarely beatable Red Sox ace Pedro Martinez, as they did Monday night in a 4-0 Oakland win.

Now the A's are tied in the wild-card race with the Red Sox, but not for long: Oakland's sick depth of starters is bad for Boston's postseason health. The Fearsome Foursome -- Hudson, Barry Zito, Mark Mulder and Rich Harden -- means Boston fans should forget about the wild card and concentrate on catching the Yankees for the division.

Herb Brooks
Herb Brooks was, of course, more than just the coach of the 1980 U.S Olympic hockey team (see "Q It Up," right). If you don't want that solely to define him, that's OK; instead, let's say that the "Miracle on Ice" perfectly crystallized America in the 20th century. And he was its architect.

Clarett Update
For all Maurice Clarett's precocious on-field moves, you have to love his naive optimism that he'll be back at practice this week. If only the NCAA moved that fast (or had the student-athlete's best interest at heart). (BTW, you'd think Ohio State would offer TV Interview 101. Look at that camera lens, Mo!)

Eagles Roll
Looking for signs of things to come in this year's preseason? Donovan McNabb looked great in last night's Eagles win in New Orleans. Meanwhile, the Saints picked right up from last year's season-ending nosedive. Remind me: When were the Saints a "sexy" pick?

1 Blue Jays at Mariners: Doc Halladay goes for 17th W
2 Astros at Cubs: Time for Chicago to hit the gas
3 Cards at Pirates: Too early for Pujols Hit-Streak Watch?
1 Clemens' record 143 games to 1000 Ks (Wood: 134)
2 Trading Kenyon Martin: No hurry on Nets part
3 It's Larry Brown's USA hoops team: Nope, it's AI's world
'Bayl' Out
Caveat of the Week: "Thus far, I have no knowledge ..." is how Baylor's president started his denial that boosters were involved with paying school hoops players. Because boosters would never be involved with stuff like that ...

McGahee Nears Deal
The Great Willis McGahee Hoodwink is close to a payout, with a contract signing as early as today after a holdout long enough to realize that his pre-draft p.r. campaign was a set-up.

Fame Game
While the Pro Football Hall of Fame is changing rules (latest: maximum of 6 enshrinees in one year, down from 7), how about ending the "secret committee"

vibe and opening up the process to fans?

More Codes
The International Skating Union unveiled a "code of ethics." (Hold your laughter.) Between that and the Blazers' new "code of conduct," we are truly living in an enlightened age. Holler when the skaters' ditch the entire wacked judging system.

Dontrelle Willis:
Tough night for everyone's favorite rookie when an ERA can jump from 2.56 to 3.10. But allowing 7 runs in 2 innings will do that to you.
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The double is 'the new triple'; more frequent (see last night's record 19 between Yankees and Royals) and just as hard hit ...

Nothing shouts "excitement" like signing your interim coach to a full-time deal. Atlanta Hawks hoops: "Taking Our Best Stotts!" ...

Lamar Odom agrees to offer sheet with the Heat, which would give Miami that missing fifth swingman ...

You know Maryland football is on the map: Got hit with year's probation for small player payout ...

David Beckham ready to sign biggest endorsement deal in sports history with adidas ...

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