Oct. 9, 2003
Star of a real-life "Joe Schmo Show" (or is that Josh Mo'?) for possibly tapping Todd Walker's foul-ball into the pole for a HR.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

After one game, an ACLS "X Factor" has emerged: Boston's fearlessness. Not of Series ghosts (still have to see about that)... but of the impenetrable Yankees.

This is not "Cowboy Up" (more on that later). The Sox swagger comes from actually believing it's they who own the Yankees, not the other way around.

That's a powerful breakthrough: Think back to Game 1 of the NBA playoffs series between the Spurs and Lakers, when San Antonio held off the seemingly unstoppable Lakers and realized, finally, this was a playoff rivalry they could win.

These Red Sox are no Twinkies. And with on-field factors a wash-out, that might be enough to freak the Yankees into submission.

NLCS: Sosa Rules
Attention, Marlins: It's time to give Sammy Sosa the "Barry Bonds Treatment." When he gets in one of his grooves where he crushes massive, soul-sucking home runs every game, he needs to be given nothing to hit, even if that means walking him four times.

Meanwhile: Chicago can use today's travel day to unwedge last night's Waveland Avenue mass of humanity. Yikes, it looked like "Mardi Grope."

LaVar Talks Sapp
"Sapp, I'm going to get you." Hey, LaVar, is that a threat or a promise? Or just showmanship? Don't tease us! LaVar vs. Sapp is a footbrawl most fans would pay PPV-gouged prices to see.

Some others:
Owens vs. Garcia
The Bay Scare-ya!

Romo's Battle Royale
He's So Due!

Kordell vs. Chicago media
Love! Hate! Love! Hate!

LBKilla? Sapp should call Arrington's bluff by walking right through the Skins stretching line on Sunday, or lining up on O directly in front of him.

1 ALCS Game 2: Red Sox (Lowe) at Yankees (Pettitte)
2 CFB: Kentucky at S. Carolina (7:30 p.m., ESPN)
3 NHL: Wings (contender) host Kings (not), 7:30 ESPN2
1 Siegfried and Roy's hiatus: Stars say show must go on
2 Pete Weber's "crotch chop": PBA star ending tradition
3 B-H Kim: BoSox leave choking closer off LCS roster
NBA Europe
The prospect of NBA expansion into Europe presumably has the players association already haggling for a franchise in Amsterdam.

Shaq shouldn't sign contracts his body can't cash. But if O'Neal lumbers through seven more seasons like he claims he will, he will easily end his career as the most dominant player of all time. (Yes, more than Wilt and MJ.)

NFL HOF Nominees
Want to sidestep a barstool brawl? Say "Who doesn't think John Elway and Barry Sanders (nominated yesterday) are first-ballot Hall of Famers?"

Want to start a barstool brawl? Claim that those two are the best who ever played at their respective positions. And, yes, they are:

Top 5 QBs ever:
1. John Elway
2. Johnny Unitas
3. Brett Favre
4. Joe Montana
5. Dan Marino

Top 5 RBs ever:
1. Barry Sanders
2. Jim Brown
3. Walter Payton
4. Emmitt Smith
5. Gale Sayers

Cowboy Down
End the "Cowboy Up" madness. The colorful slogan from spirited Red Sox 1B Kevin Millar has become the Cliched Catchphrase from Hell.

Presumably, it means "to toughen up, like a cowboy" (and not, say, "to put on leather chaps and party like you were one of the Village People," though Kevin Millar's handlebar "butch-stache" makes one wonder ...)

Jags QB Mark Brunell:
Benched indefinitely for rookie Byron Leftwich. Why not foist Brunell's salary on another team with a trade? Besides that no one will have him.
Today on ESPN.com
P2: Head of the State
Boston vs. NY: lost love
CFB: Power 16
Ranking Stupid Things a Fan Can Do:
Run on field
Sure to receive a beat-down
Mess w/ a HR
Could go either way...
Toss object on field
You could hurt someone, fool
Taunt a player
You'll likely get booted
Hold homemade sign
Rest of us sit behind you

Today's preliminary hearing for Kobe has no hype, because there won't be a hearing. The defense has nothing to gain and will waive ...

Cleveland Plain-Dealer reporting LeBron's father figure got $100K from a local businessman while LBJ was in high school ...

Of course, if that shocks you, I have some lovely real estate in swampy Ohio to sell you ...

Thank you, Dick Wolf, for publishing "Law & Order: Coffee-Table Book." Please consider my pitch to develop "L&O: Sports Crimes" ...

Hot speculation: "Draft Carl Weathers" movement to complete the "Predator Gubernatorial Holy Trinity" ...

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