Oct. 14, 2003
BoSox powerhouse
Todd Walker:

After hitting all of 13 HRs in the regular season, Walker has hit a team-record 5 HR (including one last night) in the playoffs.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

If only Boston's surprise ALCS ace Tim Wakefield could pitch every game of the series ... come to think of it: considering the guy throws about 35 miles an hour, how much rest does his arm need?

Too bad: Game 5 starter Derek Lowe is no Wakefield; he got smacked around in Game 2. Meanwhile, Yankees starter David Wells has built a career through pitching pivotal playoff games (9-2 career postseason record).

Even if Wakefield can pitch Game 6 relief and Pedro throws Game 7, the emotionally combustible Red Sox can't turn around and win two in New York, after the usually stoic Yankees take out their Game 4 frustrations with a win tonight.

But apparently, Boston's consolation prize will be the inane prosecution of fugitives Jeff "Nothin' to Hide" Nelson and Karim "K.O." Garcia for Saturday's bullpen fracas. Just get over it.

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!
The Cubs will clinch a spot in the World Series tonight -- but they have to get through Marlins spot-starter Carl Pavano first. Who? (Exactly.)

Strike 1: It's his first postseason start.
Strike 2: Winless lifetime at Wrigley.
Strike 3: He faces ace of aces Mark Prior.

Get ready for a big night in Wrigleyville.

Rams Roll
There's no sorrier team in the NFL than the Falcons. Monday night's 36-0 shellacking was the latest insult to add to Mike Vick's injury. Great seats may not be available (season-ticket suckers), but great draft picks obviously are.

1 Red Sox P Tim Wakefield is the new Yankee-killer
2 Snowball fight in hell tonight! Cubs can clinch
3 Are Boston cops REALLY going to charge Nelson, Garcia?
1 Pedro as hothead: Hey, there's a great series going on
2 The Jets finally win one: Yes, but lots of season left
3 Non-BCS teams screwed: Seen NIU's schedule? Nil, indeed
Eye on Lakers
Seven more seasons? Shaq may not last seven more months. Foreshadowing: Monday's MRI showed Shaq has a bruised left heel. Wasn't he just yammering about maintaining his beefy 340 and not wanting to slim down to the low 300s? Kobe's thing is a mere distraction; in May, Shaq's foot will be a problem.

Minny's Mr. Magoo
In a staggeringly near-sighted move to bench the hot hand, Mike Tice said Daunte Culpepper gets his Vikings starting QB job back this week. Watch the QB controversy when the Vikes lose their first game, this Sunday vs. Denver.

Big Least
While new ACC member Boston College gets sued by jilted Big East members, Pitt says it remains committed to the league, which is kind of like a guy saying

that there's no way he'd leave his fiancee for Jennifer Garner: Easy to turn down when the offer doesn't exist.

It's the year's most heartwarming story of the ultimate underdog at the racetrack. Seabiscuit? No way: It's Manute Bol as a jokey jockey in a race Saturday to raise charity funds.

He's tried boxing and hockey. What's left? How about a lucrative role in the NFL blocking field goals and extra-points? (OK, how about the CFL?)

The ATP:
If anyone actually cared about men's tennis these days, they might be a little worried about new allegations of match-fixing. Watch this one ...
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Ranking LCS MVP choices:
Tim Wakefield
TWO Ws vs. Yanks
Mark Prior
If he clinches tonight
Todd Walker
5 HR in postseason
Derek Jeter
Only Yankee showing up
Now THAT would be funny

Wow, LeBron (10 pts) is kind of an ordinary scorer, isn't he? Meanwhile, Carmelo Anthony is feasting ...

If that Ohio St. LB got a 1-game suspension for his choke job against Wisconsin, what does the rest of the team get for theirs? ...

Mo Vaughn was ahead of his time: Gov't studies say 40 percent of Americans will be obese by 2010 ...

Those awful Broncos jerseys made Page 2's "Best Uniforms" Final Four? The true final is the semi between Michigan, Chargers ...

Tomorrow's biggest storylines: Cubs clinch a Series spot? ... Yankees put REAL 3-2 hurt on Sox? ... More on tennis match-fixing.

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