Nov. 24, 2003
Ravens QB
Anthony Wright:

Threw for 3 bills/4 TDs, leading Ravens to 17-point comeback in 4th quarter (beat Seahawks 44-41 in OT). Oh, with his wife expecting.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Pretenders exposed, contenders crowned: 12 weeks into the NFL season, things are supposed to be pretty clear by now.

So would someone please explain these Dallas Bleepin' Cowboys?!

Sure, the Panthers imploded with a string of late (and uncharacteristic) penalties: But that doesn't diminish that the Cowboys are tied for the best record in the NFC.

Book that February ski vacation in Hell: Two-thirds into the season, with a straight face, you can legitimately defend a projection of a Cowboys-Bengals Super Bowl.

Before you ask for my urine sample: In the last two weeks, they've done no less than knock off their conference's best teams. Quality fantasizing, if nothing else.

NFL Week 12 Hot/Not
Nothing hotter: Dolphins orange jerseys. Previous mocking silenced by their apparent super-comeback magic powers (24-23 W over Redskins). Hey, just like QB Jay Fiedler (who won't be coming off bench next game -- he should be starting).

No one wants to play 'em:
Hot: Eagles
Not: Bucs

Backup QB:
Hot: Billy Volek (TEN)
Not: Doug Johnson (ATL)

Coach off hot seat:
Hot: Brian Billick
Not: Mike Shanahan

Hot: Quincy Carter
Not: Dante Hall

Ref controversy:
Hot: Hawks-Ravens game
Not: Instant replay

CFB: Who's No. 2?
The BCS debate over which team -- USC or LSU -- should have the No. 2 spot in the national-title game plays out a lot like the Democratic presidential primary:

LSU has "substance": Schedule-strength advantage, thanks to next week vs. Arkansas, then

1 Cowboys d. Panthers: Assume position as NFC's top team
2 Steve McNair injured: Would-be MVP's status uncertain
3 BCS Monday: USC, LSU jockeying for No. 2 poll position
1 Ohio State's title defense: Clarett karma a boomerang?
2 Tim Rattay's Bay Area Bandwagon: Nope, 49ers still stink
3 Keyshawn: Please (please!) let this go before T'giving
SEC title game (prob. vs. BCS Top 10 team).

But USC has "electability": Of the two, the better chance to beat the No. 1 Sooners.

Politics analogy fall apart in the actual game: Does it really matter? Oklahoma is winning the Sugar Bowl in a rout.

A-Rod's Preference
Come on, A-Rod, don't waffle! He'd reportedly accept a trade exclusively to the Yankees or Red Sox.

Yeah, right: Everyone knows there's no such thing as "either/or" with New York and Boston (more like "love/hate" ... or perhaps "lesser/evils").

Pick one or the other! Summarizing pros and cons of the choices:

On one hand: Canyon parade.
On the other: Boss.

Red Sox:
On one hand: Fenway.
On the other: Curse.

Husker Do/Don't?
Perhaps the stories out of Lincoln about Nebraska coach Frank Solich's tenuous grasp on his job would be more at all interesting if the Huskers hadn't dropped so completely from college football relevancy. And there's your problem.

NBA Trade Rumors
Someone let "The Journeyman's Club" know they need to order a new jacket: Bulls thorn Jalen Rose is still perilously close to being shipped to his fourth team (Toronto, for Antonio Davis).

MNF: Where's Keyshawn?
Keyshawn Johnson is quickly turning into the Paris Hilton of sports stars:

*Never really accomplished that much to deserve all the pub.

*Had one recent quasi-embarrassing moment of national attention.

*Now inconsiderately refusing to step away from the spotlight.

Hopefully, during the Bucs-Giants Monday Night football game tonight, "The Key-Show" will get bumped for "Survivor: Jim Fassel."

Ohio State:
Maybe for OSU's next Game at Michigan (in 2005), the Buckeyes will schedule more than three road games (out of 11) beforehand to prepare.
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Ranking NFL's Top 5:
Chiefs (10-1)
Little too close for comfort
Titans (9-2)
Conditional on McNair's health
Colts (9-2)
If McNair can't play ...
Patriots (9-2)
Totally under the radar
Dal (8-3)/Cin (6-5)
Can't decide between 'em

Eclipsed: Eagles have won six straight and are tied for first in the NFC East, but remain a second-place story behind the 'Boys ...

Last-second dunk to win the game? What CAN'T Baron Davis do? ...

Congrats to the San Jose Earthquakes, who won the last MLS Cup before the dawn of the Adu Dynasty next season ...

Too bad Brett Favre isn't on the schedule to take a dive for Bruce Smith's next sack, which will set all-time career record ...

Golf's Presidents Cup ends in tie ...Hunh? Wha? Hm? Zzzzz ...

Fans like the NHL's Outdoor Game more than the players; all the more reason to do it again soon (this time on American TV) ...

Four words on how wacked-out the college football postseason system is: "Northwestern is bowl eligible" (and I'm a proud alum!) ...

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