The Top 100 Tebow NYC storylines!

Originally Published: March 22, 2012
By DJ Gallo | Page 2

Tim TebowFrederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty ImagesTim Tebow is used to a lot of media coverage, but he'll likely get a smidge more in New York City.

Tebowmania, meet the media capital of the world. The Tebow media coverage is going to be unlike anything we've seen before.

Here are 100 Tebow stories you are guaranteed to see in the coming days, weeks and months. Enjoy?

1. Where will Tim Tebow live in New York?

2. Tim Tebow has chosen a place to live. What does the apartment say about him? Is it too showy for someone with his proclaimed beliefs?

3. Tim Tebow was spotted eating dinner at a restaurant. Who was he with? What were they talking about? Was he nice to the staff? What kind of tip did he leave?

4. Is Tim Tebow dating the person he was eating dinner with?

5. How is Tim Tebow getting along with his new teammates? Is there some conflict?

6. Shouldn't there maybe be some conflict? The Jets are a team that is fueled by controversy. Is Tim Tebow too nice for the Jets?

7. Where is Tim Tebow going to church? Is he trying to convert any of his teammates?

8. What is Tim Tebow's reaction to Rex Ryan's personality? What is Rex Ryan's reaction to Tim Tebow's personality?

9. Is Rex Ryan trying to curb his cursing around Tim Tebow?

10. Has Tim Tebow cursed?

11. Have the Jets corrupted Tim Tebow?

12. Did Tim Tebow sign with the Jets for football reasons or because he believes New York gives him a better platform to share his beliefs?

13. Why does Tim Tebow think people care about his beliefs?

14. Why do so many people pressure Tim Tebow not to share his beliefs?

15. Are the Jets messing with Tim Tebow's throwing delivery?

16. If the Jets are trying to improve Tim Tebow as a passer, doesn't this suggest they see him as a potential replacement for Mark Sanchez? How does this make Mark Sanchez feel?

17. What sort of body language is going on between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow?

18. Let's ask a body language expert about what sort of body language is going on between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow: What sort of body language is going on between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow?

19. How does Mark Sanchez feel about driving the Jets down the field, only to have Tim Tebow come in to run the Wildcat and punch it in the end zone to get all the glory?

20. Does Mark Sanchez really believe what he's saying, or is he just trying to be a good teammate?

21. Is Mark Sanchez a good teammate?

22. Is Tim Tebow a good teammate?

23. How are Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow's teammates reacting to the quarterback situation?

24. Mark Sanchez had a good game. Would Tim Tebow have been even better if he started?

25. Mark Sanchez had a bad game. Why isn't Tim Tebow starting?

26. How are the Giants reacting to being overshadowed by the Jets?

27. Does being overshadowed by the Jets help take the pressure off the Giants to defend their Super Bowl title?

28. Could the Jets and Giants meet in the Super Bowl?

29. Why hasn't Rex Ryan predicted that the Jets will win the Super Bowl?

30. Is Rex Ryan no longer confident in his team?

31. Is Rex Ryan too confident in his team?

32. Is Rex Ryan on the hot seat if the Tim Tebow acquisition blows up?

33. Who is the biggest name right now in New York sports?

34. What is Derek Jeter's impression of Tim Tebow?

35. What is Eli Manning's impression of Tim Tebow?

36. What is Tim Tebow's impression of Derek Jeter?

37. What is Tim Tebow's impression of Eli Manning?

38. How much time have Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin spent together? Are they close friends?

39. Does Tim Tebow have friends on the Jets? Is he friends with any of the Jets receivers? Do the Jets receivers wish he were their quarterback?

40. Does Tim Tebow want to be a starting quarterback someday in the NFL? How does this make Mark Sanchez feel?

41. What do New Yorkers think about Tim Tebow as a football player?

42. What do New Yorkers think about Tim Tebow as a person?

43. What do New Yorkers think about Tebowmania happening on the heels of Linsanity?

44. What do Linsanity and Tebowmania say about New York's media culture? What do they say about American culture?

45. Tim Tebow went to a Broadway show. Is he enjoying New York's culture?

46. Is New York too big, busy and loud for Tim Tebow?

47. Why do New Yorkers always assume people from the South can't handle the city?

48. Is New York's reaction to Tim Tebow evidence that New York is separated from "mainstream" America?

49. How are Tim Tebow jersey sales going?

50. How are Tim Tebow Jets jersey sales in relation to Peyton Manning Broncos jersey sales?

51. What do Broncos fans think about Tim Tebow now?

52. How are Tim Tebow jersey sales in relation to Jeremy Lin, Derek Jeter and Eli Manning jersey sales?

53. Are the New York media being fair to Tim Tebow?

54. Are the New York media being condescending to Tim Tebow because they are cynical about his beliefs?

55. Are the New York media being too nice to Tim Tebow?

56. Are the New York media being fair to Mark Sanchez?

57. Are the New York media covering the Jets too much?

58. Is Tim Tebow doing too much charity work instead of focusing on football?

59. Why is Tim Tebow seen out at dinner and at a Broadway show if he claims to want to help people? Shouldn't he be at a soup kitchen or something?

60. Why is Tim Tebow helping some charities and not others?

61. How much of Tim Tebow's salary does he give to charity?

62. Is Tim Tebow still a virgin?

63. What are Tim Tebow's stances on the various social issues of the day? Do his stances make his teammates feel uncomfortable?

64. What does Tim Tebow think about Antonio Cromartie's many children?

65. Does Tim Tebow want to have children, and if so, what would he think about raising them in New York?

66. Who is Tim Tebow voting for in the presidential election?

67. Does Tim Tebow have any interest in politics after his playing career is over?

68. Is Tim Tebow an outlier in sports when it comes to his worldview, or are there many more athletes like him?

69. Does Tim Tebow like New York-style pizza?

70. Is there a trade market for Tim Tebow if the Jets decide the Sanchez-Tebow experiment didn't work?

71. Is there a trade market for Mark Sanchez if the Jets decide to go with Tim Tebow at quarterback?

72. Is Mark Sanchez playing through injuries in order to keep Tim Tebow off the field?

73. Is Mark Sanchez tough or selfish?

74. Does Tim Tebow play too physical a style to last in the NFL?

75. Is being a backup really the best thing for Tim Tebow's long-term career?

76. What do Brooklyn hipsters think of Tim Tebow?

77. What does Tim Tebow think of Brooklyn hipsters?

78. Has Tim Tebow been to all five boroughs? Why not?

79. Which New York tourist sites has Tim Tebow visited?

80. Does Tim Tebow think New York is just Times Square and the Statue of Liberty? Does he know anything about "real" New York?

81. How much time has Tim Tebow spent in New Jersey?

82. Does Tim Tebow see the Jets as New York's team or New Jersey's team?

83. How is Tim Tebow's relationship with Joe Namath?

84. Has Tim Tebow's relationship with Joe Namath impacted Joe Namath's relationship with Mark Sanchez?

85. Is Tim Tebow more famous than Joe Namath was?

86. Has Rex Ryan considered playing Tebow the entire fourth quarter?

87. Is Tim Tebow's presence causing teams trouble in preparing for the Jets' offense?

88. How will Bill Belichick attack Tim Tebow and the Wildcat?

89. Does Josh McDaniels wish he had Tim Tebow?

90. Does Josh McDaniels think Tim Tebow is a better quarterback than Mark Sanchez?

91. How does Mark Sanchez feel about Josh McDaniels' opinion about him?

92. How does the third-string quarterback feel about being behind Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow?

93. Has anyone considered that the third-string quarterback might be the best pure passer on the team? Does he deserve a chance to start?

94. Are the Jets' wins mainly the result of their defense?

95. How do the Jets' defensive players feel about the quarterback situation, and who do they feel gives the team the best chance to win?

96. Should Tim Tebow be considered for the Pro Bowl even though he is a situational player?

97. Should Tim Tebow be considered for MVP even though he is a situational player?

98. Could the Jets' quarterback system be the new NFL prototype?

99. What does Tim Tebow have to do to be considered a true New Yorker? Can he ever be considered a true New Yorker?

100. Is Tim Tebow getting too much coverage for a backup quarterback?

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