Readers: Top 10 April Fools pranks

Updated: March 29, 2012, 12:37 PM ET
By Jerry Greene | Page 2

This week's reader-generated list -- Top 10 April Fools Sports Pranks -- turned out to be a bigger challenge than expected. And reader Lin K. of Atlanta pinpointed the problem:

"It's become almost impossible to think of imaginary things that are more bizarre or funny than what actually happens in sports," he wrote. "For example, my entry would have been 'Major League Baseball announces it will start its regular season in Japan while continuing its practice games here,' but turns out baseball beat me to the punch."

Point for Lin.

But there's always hope. Remember when the Phillies convinced pitcher Kyle Kendrick that he had been traded to the Yomiuri Giants in Japan? A prank to be admired by everyone not named Kyle Kendrick. Incidentally, the elaborate details are found in a new book called "The Baseball Hall of Shame: The Best of Blooperstown" (Lyons Press, 2012), by Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo.

For that matter, Elias K. of Orlando points out that it would have sounded like an April 1st prank if the Jets had waited until Sunday to hold a news conference to introduce their backup quarterback. It happened and it still sounds strange.

However, the chance of more than one good sports prank Sunday still exists. Pranks such as these:

Top 10 April Fools Sports Pranks

10. For Packers fans: "Green Bay Packers announce Brett Favre has unretired and is returning to the Packers 'to help in any way I can,'" said Alice A. of St. Paul, Minn. (Wonder what the fan suggestions would be about how Favre could help?)

9. "Assure Mark Sanchez that he will be the Jets' starting quarterback all season," said Carey S. of Palo Alto, Calif. (All season? How about all September?)

8. For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: "A memo from the NFL that because of their 40 giveaways last season, they will be only team that will not have all its turnovers instantly reviewed due to TV time constraints. Instead, the league will just assume they lost the ball," said Susan R. of New Orleans.

7. For Dolphins fans: "Breaking news in the Miami Herald that Drew Brees has demanded a trade to Miami -- but Dolphins declined because 'we like the guys we've got.'" said John R. of St. Petersburg, Fla.

6. For Tiger Woods: "A letter from Augusta National (because they don't use social media) informing him that he did not properly inform them of a caddy change, therefore if he chooses to play, he must either have Stevie Williams on his bag or carry it himself," said James W. of Atlanta, Ga. (Hit the ball and drag my clubs, hit the ball and … )

5. For Tim Tebow: "Jets give him 'special headphones' developed by NASA that will change any Rex Ryan profanity into a Bible verse," said Curt G. of Savage, Minn.

4. For Cubs fans: "Put World Series tickets on sale now," said Janice H. of Palo Alto, Calif.

3. For Magic fans: "Dwight Howard says he is giving up basketball to pursue a baseball career because a curveball has got to be easier to hit than a free throw," said Peggy C. of Oviedo, Fla.

2. For everyone: "A Kim Kardashian Love Interest TV Special in which she places the name of every unmarried NFL player into a bowl and declares she will pick her next lover. She draws a name with America watching and says, 'Oh no, not him again!'" said Van B. of Los Angeles.

1. For Rams fans: "The Rams announce they have hired someone to replace Gregg Williams as their defensive coordinator -- Dog the Bounty Hunter," said Elias K. of Orlando, Fla.

Don't know about the rest of you but some of us would love to see Dog the Bounty Hunter on a sideline, while others might prefer Kim Kardashian. In any case, beware what you read and hear on Sunday, April 1st, especially because no matter how odd it sounds, it might be true.

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