Play Roger Clemens Perjury Trial Bingo!

Originally Published: July 13, 2011
By Dave Wilson | Page 2

The perjury trial of seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens began Wednesday in Washington.

But you don't have to feel left out. Bring the fun to your home or office with Page 2's Roger Clemens Perjury Trial Bingo by printing out the game cards below!

Game rules are simple: Any time one of the terms listed on your card is referenced during testimony or coverage of the trial, cover that square. Just like in actual bingo, the first player to cover five squares in a row -- up, down, sideways or diagonally -- wins the game. However, that player must shout "Roger!" instead of "Bingo!" ... preferably while attempting an impression of Yankees broadcaster Suzyn Waldman.

Page 2's Roger Clemens Perjury Trial Bingo!

Bingo card No. 1 | Printable version
Bingo card No. 2 | Printable version
Bingo card No. 3 | Printable version
Bingo card No. 4 | Printable version
Bingo card No. 5 | Printable version

Fun fact: Roger Clemens is the only player ever to be named MVP, earn an All-Star MVP award, win Cy Youngs in both leagues and go to trial on perjury changes.

Illustrations by Dave Wilson. Mike Philbrick and Thomas Neumann also contributed to the delinquency of this project.

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