Page 2 staff

When Anna Kournikova was forced to pull out of the U.S. Open with a nagging foot injury -- this on top of missing the French Open and Wimbledon -- it was bad enough. Then it was announced that her doctor had insisted on at least three months more rest, which meant that Annamaniacs would be denied the pleasure of seeing their poster girl for pretty much the entire year. Ouch!

Page 2 feels the pain of the Anna Nation, so we decided to try to make things a little better -- by arranging for you to spend a typical day with the rehabbing tennis diva.

Recently -- and we are not at liberty to say when (or even where, though perhaps the Louvre will provide a clue) -- Page 2's cameras spent 24 hours following Anna from the moment she got up in the morning until she went to bed at night.

We showed the Russian heartthrob the pictures we intended to use, and she was gracious enough, despite her pain, to provide her innermost thoughts at the very moment the camera captured her.

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