Chris Jericho ready for his 'Downfall'

Originally Published: June 21, 2010
By Kelley Carter | Special to Page 2

Pro wrestler Chris Jericho is never going over the edge.

Don't ask him to. He won't do it. He's seen too much as the host of a new ABC show called, "Downfall," a show where if contestants can't answer a question, they -- or the potential prizes that they could have won -- literally will get dropped from over the edge.

The show premieres on Tuesday, and Page 2 caught up with Jericho recently to find out about his fearless moments, how he's gotten over his own downfalls and what he would put up on a conveyor belt to drop over the edge of a rooftop.

Why'd you want to host this show?

"When I first heard about the show and the concept, I was intrigued at the prospect of what it could be. It's a big show. It's a huge opportunity for me and when I saw the actual stage set up itself, I just couldn't believe how massive it was. It looked like something U2 would play on in a giant stadium. Plus everybody has a primal urge when you're a kid and drop something off the rooftop and see if it breaks or not. You want to see it smash into a thousand pieces."

Would you ever do a show like this?

"That's why I'm the host of it. I don't have to go on the show! You think it's a good idea, and if worst comes to worst, I'll just take a plunge over the edge. But 100 feet is very high in the air! When you get up there and see yourself dangling over the edge, it's a whole different ball of wax. I have to be harnessed up there too. It's one of those things where once you get up there, it's a whole different world. That's the beauty of this show: the sanity element and the fact that if you lose the game, it's not like 'Deal or No Deal,' where you close the case and go home. If you lose here, you plunge over the edge of a building! This game is very suspenseful. There's a real strategy to it."

This is a pretty fearless show, it looks like. What's the most fearless thing you've ever done?

"Be involved in show business for the past 20 years! You have to have an iron will to be able to survive, that's for sure."

How have you conquered your own downfalls?

"You just believe in yourself and eliminate all the outside distractions. Anything worth getting is not easy. So I just kind of said 'I'm going to make this happen no matter what.' I kept my eye on the prize, my eye on the dream and I made it happen."

What's the craziest thing we're going to see on this show?

"Some of them have put their family heirlooms up there to get dropped over if they can't answer in time. It gets pretty crazy when you see someone with a family heirloom inching closer to the edge, getting ready to topple over. Also, you can have a family member up there on the belt with you to help you out, and if you don't answer in time, they can go over the edge."

Would you put your own heirloom up there at least? You said you wouldn't go over the edge, but what about a prized possession?

"I don't think I'd want to put anything on it. I know how hard the show is! Some of the stuff that went over the edge, it breaks your heart to see it go. I'd take something like a bowling ball that wouldn't break. Or a baseball glove. Something that I could grab after it went over the edge. These people, I was like 'man, you must have a lot of confidence in yourself to put that stuff up.' "

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