Valentine's Day Q&A: Kevin Love

Originally Published: February 14, 2011
By Kaitee Daley |

Kevin LoveDavid Sherman/Getty ImagesKevin Love says that while he used to be mocked for his last name, now it helps with marketing.

We know, we know: Valentine's Day is an evil marketing ploy to burn holes in men's wallets and keep florists in business. So to pass the time between dinner reservations and/or wallowing in self-pity, Page 2 caught up with a man whose last name qualifies him for all things romantic -- Minnesota Timberwolves forward and recently appointed NBA All-Star, Kevin Love.

What's the worst pun or nickname pertaining to the word "love" anyone has ever used on you?

When your last name is Love it seems like all puns are bad. Can I go with an all-of-the-above answer?

Sure, but you must have had some nicknames in elementary school ...

Well, my first day of Kindergarten I was the last kid to walk into the classroom. Everyone else was sitting down and going through roll [call] so as I go to put my backpack up the teacher says, "Oh you must be Kevin, Kevin Love." One of my friends -- I remember to this day -- goes, "Oooooo, Llllllove!" And all the kids broke out laughing ... I ran out of the classroom and got real red-faced. I was so embarrassed. That was my "welcome to school" moment. But it's kind of funny how kids used to poke fun at me about my last name because now it's marketable, it's definitely working for me.

Be honest though, are you a fan of Valentine's Day?

You'd think with a last name like Love that this would be the day that I circle on the calendar, but it doesn't always work out that way. Some years have been great, some have not been so great. I'm a guy's guy. It's the female gender holiday and they look forward to it a little bit more than we do because we have to make the dinner plans, get the presents with the roses, the chocolates, maybe something else to make it more special.

Sounds like you've had some experience. Help people out: What should they do for a Valentine's Day gift?

Just be original. Flowers and chocolates are an every-year type deal but maybe take them someplace new, do something fun and exciting, switch it up. I try to not do the same thing every year. I think girls like it when they don't know what to expect and you can keep them on their toes.

You mentioned hits and misses, what's your worst Valentine's Day memory?

When I was in college at UCLA I had my eye on this girl for some time and we had connected over the phone and e-mail so I did my best to hint at her and try to get her to go to dinner with me on Valentine's Day night with a few other couples. But she never ended up taking the bait, or she never really got my hints, so in the end I wasn't up-front enough with asking her out. I should have told her how I felt and been a man about it I guess but it all worked out in the end. I ended up taking her out on a date a week later and it kind of flourished from there but it would have made a little bit more sense if I had taken her out on Valentine 's Day.

How much flourishing are we talking about here; Is this person currently your valentine?

Yes. Yes she is.

So the miss turned into a hit...

My worst Valentine's Day turned into a great thing.

I know you have a game that night but do you have any special plans with this valentine?

My Valentine is in L.A. so when I make it back there for the All-Star game I'll be able to celebrate.

The dinner reservation has been made?

Yeah but my whole family will be there too. I mean, Valentine's Day sometimes is about spending it with the ones you love so I'm going to be with all my best friends, my family, my girl and we'll all be going out to dinner and that's basically my big plan.

Speaking of the All-Star game, you launched an entertaining mock cologne campaign to garner votes. Will men be able to purchase this cologne anytime soon?

A lot of people have been asking that and hitting me up on Twitter saying that they want to buy it so maybe it'll end up in Mall of America or something. But right now you can't buy it anywhere.

What's your take on cologne in general though? Is it a Valentine's Day "must"?

I'm actually not a big cologne guy. I guess I don't feel the need to smell a certain way. I just smell clean. My clothes are fresh. I wear my deodorant. And that's good enough for me.

Do you have a big romantic on the team?

I'd say Sebastian Telfair. He seems that way with his wife. He's always on the phone with her after every game, before every game. Talks about her all the time. Talks about his kids.

Least romantic?

Probably [Michael] Beasley. Actually we could take a team poll on that and I'm sure it would be unanimous.

What about most awkward with the ladies?

Kosta Koufos. And that's self-explanatory. If you knew Kosta, you'd understand.

(Note: If it's even close to as awkward as this interview or this dance, we understand already).

As the most dominant rebounder in the NBA, what's your best advice for rebounding in love?

I guess just stay patient. If you be yourself and work hard in your daily life then things will eventually work out for you. Sometimes love will find you when you least expect it.

You're also the king of double-doubles, how do you feel about double-dates?

I feel good about it. I mean it's all about if the girls get along. For me, I'm pretty laid-back. If a teammate wanted to go out on a double-date it would be fine with me but -- especially on Valentine's Day -- it's all about what the girl wants to do.

Spoken like a true love expert.

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