By Reverend/Psychic Francine Milano, as told to Don Barone
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If you are aware of an area or building known to be haunted by the spirits of sports figures, there are a number of methods to increase your odds of having a ghostly encounter. According to Reverend/Psychic Francine Milano of the Metaphysical Center of Gettysburg, Pa., these top 10 tips will help you attract the spirit of a sports figure:

1. If you are not familiar with the sports figure, do your homework. Knowing who they are -- the personal details, as well as the stats -- will make you more approachable.

2. Have the following equipment ready -- not only for safety, but also for souvenirs of your experience.

  • Camera: Digital is fine, but a 35mm is recommended with film speed of at least 400. Night vision for a video camera can come in handy. Take extra batteries. Ghosts are known to drain batteries very quickly!

    • Voice Recorder: Digital is preferred over tape for best quality.

    • Thermometer: Cold spots are often found when a presence is nearby. This will offer validation and is more reliable than guessing by body temperature.

    • Flashlight: A must! Ghost hunting is most successful in the dark or with dim lighting. The extra light will help you move around in unfamiliar areas or if a spirit decides, as they have been known to do, to turn off the lights.

    3. Consider choosing the people in your group carefully. They should all have a genuine interest so that no one dismisses something subtle that could be reported as being a ghost.

    4. When you have your equipment ready, the first thing you should do is greet the spirit out loud. Use his name or a well-known nickname to let your visit be known.

    5. It is a common myth that you should turn on a recorder and walk away for half an hour. Spirits don't float through an empty room and identify this little box, thinking, "Oh, maybe I'll say something."

    6. You should continue a verbal dialogue with the spirit, whether or not you have a voice recorder. Use your knowledge about who this person was in life. Talk about his sport, the team, teammates or competitors, personal stats and any special accomplishments he might have achieved.

    7. Playing popular music of the spirit's era is also helpful. In the case of sports, songs such as the national anthem might also be appropriate.

    8. For a football player, bring a football and a team jersey. For a golfer, bring along a few clubs. Magazines with flattering articles written about the spirit when his career was in full swing might also win them over, especially if you read them aloud or reference parts of the article.

    9. Aside from your equipment, use all of your senses. Many paranormal experiences include seeing movements of mist or other objects, the smell of something the spirit identified with like cigars or a cologne, feeling the ghost brush up against the skin or hair, a cool breeze on the back of the neck or a subtle feeling that something has invaded your personal space.

    10. Scrutinize everything. You have only witnessed a ghostly presence if you cannot logically explain it. Be critical of your photos, video and voice recordings. If you cannot come up with a reasonable explanation, you might have just experienced something special.