The ESPN Uncyclopedia: Flirting with perfection   

Updated: June 8, 2007, 11:54 AM ET

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In "23 Ways to Get to First Base: The ESPN Uncyclopedia," Gary Belsky and Neil Fine answer all questions big and small and a bunch you didn't even know to ask.

It's all there from scoring a baseball game to the not-so-scintillating first 24 hours of ESPN. No day in sports goes by where this book can't help you become King of the Office Water Cooler.

Today's lesson is inspired by Curt Schilling's almost no-hitter Thursday in Oakland.

Think Curt is the first to be one out away from one of pitching's highest glories? Now, No. 38 wasn't working on a perfect game but as we learn from flipping through the pages of "The ESPN Uncyclopedia" getting that 27th out isn't as easy as it looks.



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