The Nine-Inning Holiday Trivia Quiz   

Updated: December 10, 2007, 4:42 PM ET

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The baseball season and the winter holidays might be as far removed from each other on the calendar as is possible, but that doesn't mean we can't tie them together for a trivia quiz. Please use your own personal warehouse of baseball knowledge to answer. If in doubt, guess. Whatever you do, though, don't look any of them up. We know for certain that sort of behavior will land you directly on the naughty list.

First Inning: Rudolph!

This pitcher has the most wins for a Rudolph:
A. Rudolph "Rudy" May
B. Don Rudolph
C. Dick Rudolph

Eugene Rudolph Rye, known as Gene or "Half Pint," had only 39 big league at-bats. He is, however, known for a famous feat while in the minors. What is it?

A. He is the only outfielder to turn an unassisted triple play.
B. He hit three home runs in a single inning.
C. He once stole 10 bases in a 12-inning game.
D. He wore a miner's helmet with built-in lamp during an early night game.

Second Inning: Dash Away, Dash Away, Dash Away All!

Rudolph gets all the hype, but what of the other reindeer? The poem A Visit from St. Nicholas -- from which the reindeer names are taken -- predates major league baseball by four decades. Four of the eight names have shown up as nicknames in the major leagues. Which are they? (Partial nicknames do count.)

A. Dasher
B. Dancer
C. Prancer
D. Vixen
E. Comet
F. Cupid
G. Dunder (Donder or Donner)
H. Blitzen (Blixem or Blixen)

Third Inning: Mr. Christmas

In his long and illustrious career (24 games/37 at bats), Steve Christmas played for three teams. Which of the following was not one of them?

A. White Sox
B. Reds
C. Twins
D. Cubs

Fourth Inning: A Holiday for the Rest of Us

Oh, to be born on Dec. 23 -- Festivus! These players were and two of them have career .300 batting averages. Name them:
A. Doc Gessler (1903-1911)
B. Victor Martinez (2002-present)
C. Cozy Dolan (1909-1922)
D. Danny Taylor (1926-1936)
E. Hanley Ramirez (2005-present)
F. Cody Ross (2003-present)

Fifth Inning: "On the Fifth Day of Christmas …"

"… my victory gave to me: five golden rings." Twenty-eight players have been on at least five World Champion teams. As you would expect, all of them won at least one of those championships in a Yankee uniform, with most getting all their rings in pinstripes. Can you name the player who won the highest percentage of his championships elsewhere?

A. Babe Ruth
B. Catfish Hunter
C. David Cone
D. Johnny Mize

On the way to their consecutive five golden rings from 1949 to 1953, how many regular-season games did the Yankees win?

A. 461
B. 474
C. 487
D. 510

Sixth Inning: Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Four of the following were real players and four were not. Which are the hoaxes?

A. Jeff Holly
B. Missile Towe
C. Dave Jolly
D. Kermit "Silent" Knight
E. Holly St. Clair
F. Jolly Cholly Grimm
G. Jolly Cholly Tuminikar
H. Holly Hollingshead

Of the following major leaguers, which one played in the Federal League?

A. Ed Holley
B. Ed Holly
C. Smead Jolley

Seventh Inning: The Half-the-Presents Gang

Pud Galvin and Nellie Fox are the only Hall of Famers born on Christmas Day. What current illegal activity is Galvin allegedly supposed to have originated in the 19th Century?

A. The spitball
B. The scuffball
C. Taking performance enhancing drugs
D. Corking his bat

Fox was the last active player to have been managed in the major leagues by this Hall of Fame skipper:

A. John McGraw
B. Joe McCarthy
C. Billy Southworth
D. Connie Mack

Another Christmas baby, Rickey Henderson, will soon join them in the Hall. As you are probably aware, he is the all-time stolen base king, with 1,406. No. 1 came in his major league debut on June 24, 1979. Who was the first battery he victimized?

A. Luis Tiant and Carlton Fisk
B. Dave Heaverlo and Jim Essian
C. John Henry Johnson and Jim Sundberg
D. Bill Lee and Fred Kendall

One of these four current players was not born on Christmas Day. Name him:

A. Willy Taveras
B. Hideki Okajima
C. Rueben Gotay
D. Kevin Millwood

Eighth Inning: The Festival Of Lights

As is done on Hanukkah, let's say a player had to light a candle every night he hit a home run. Which three of the following players who would have been able to fill a menorah by homering in eight consecutive games?

A. Jim Gentile
B. Ken Griffey, Jr.
C. Ken Griffey, Sr.
D. Dale Long
E. Lou Gehrig
F. Don Mattingly
G. Al Rosen

Ninth Inning: The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimney With Care

According to, three of the following current teams once had the word "stockings" as part of their name designation. Which were they?

A. Cincinnati Reds
B. Chicago Cubs
C. Chicago White Sox
D. Boston Red Sox
E. Atlanta Braves
F. St. Louis Cardinals
G. Pittsburgh Pirates


First Inning: Rudolph!

A. Rudolph "Rudy" May

May went 152-156, Dick Rudolph 121-108, Don Rudolph 18-32.

B. Rye hit three homers in Waco's 18-run outburst in the eighth against Beaumont on Aug. 6, 1930. Waco won the Texas League contest 22-4.

Second Inning: Dash Away, Dash Away, Dash Away All!

A. Dasher: Tom Kearns (1880-1884), Andy Knox (1890), Bill Murray (1917) and Dasher Troy (1881-1885); E., Comet: Mickey Mantle, "The Commerce Comet"; F. Cupid: Cupid Childs (1888-1901); H. Blitzen: Joe Benz (1911-1919), known as Blitzen or Butcher Boy.

Third Inning: Mr. Christmas

C. Twins

Fourth Inning: A Holiday for the Rest of Us

B and E Martinez (.301 so far) and Ramirez (.312 so far). Gessler hit .280, Dolan .252, Taylor .297 and Ross is at .261 so far.

Fifth Inning: "On the Fifth Day of Christmas …"

B. Catfish Hunter with 60 percent elsewhere; his first three rings came with the A's. Babe Ruth's first three (of seven) came with the Red Sox for 42.9 percent. David Cone had one with the Blue Jays for 20 percent and all five of Johnny Mize's were with the Yankees.

C. 487: 97, 98, 98, 95, 99

Sixth Inning: Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

B. Missile Towe
D. Kermit "Silent" Knight
E. Holly St. Clair
G. Jolly Cholly Tuminikar (was a character in The Great American Novel by Philip Roth)
Jeff Holly was with the Twins during 1977-1979. Dave Jolly was a Braves pitcher in the mid-50s and Charlie Grimm was in the bigs for 20 years, mostly with the Cubs and Pirates. Holly Hollingshead was a pitcher in the 1870s and 1880s.

B. Ed Holly was with Pittsburgh of the FL both years. The other two played in the late '20s/early '30s.

Seventh Inning: The Half-the-Presents Gang

C. According to Wikipedia, he injected monkey testosterone.

D. Connie Mack, although Mack gave up on him and shipped him to the White Sox.

C. Johnson and Sundberg of the Rangers. Tiant was on the Yankees in 1979, while Fisk was still with Boston. Heaverlo and Essian were Henderson's Oakland teammates while Lee and Kendall -- teammates in Boston in 1978 -- were in the National League by 1979, playing for Montreal and San Diego respectively.

D. Kevin Millwood, born on Christmas Eve

Eighth Inning: The Festival Of Lights

B. Ken Griffey, Jr. (1993); D. Dale Long (1956); F. Don Mattingly (1987)

Ninth Inning: The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimney With Care

A. The Reds were called the Red Stockings from 1882 to 1889; B. The Cubs were known as the White Stockings from 1876-1889; F. The team we know as the Cardinals was known as the Brown Stockings in 1882.


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