Canseco was a black-market MVP. So was Ken Caminiti in 1996 and Giambi in 2001. The lone alleged steroid user in this bunch who would have been a Hall of Famer with or without performance-enhancing drugs is Bonds.

But I want everyone out there to hear what I've become numb to: That ballplayers take turns giving each other a quick syringeful of 'roids in the butt. On Friday morning's "Cold Pizza," when we used the quote from Canseco that he and McGwire had injected each other in the bathroom before games, the crew gasped or laughed with astonishment. I felt remiss in not expressing more surprise on the air.

But as Canseco told an incredulous Wallace: "It is so common."

I believe it has been -- among pitchers as well as sluggers. Baseball's current testing program is merely a beginning. Canseco talked openly and knowledgeably about also using Human Growth Hormone, which is difficult to detect in tests.

I want everybody to know everything. Some bodybuilding experts still argue that, in moderation, steroids are safe and effective. But how do you define and regulate moderation? You can't. That's why there have been so many horror stories of steroid abuse in high school and college.

Canseco told Wallace he still endorses steroids -- "but not for everyone." So how can you have fair competition if some guys are juicing and some don't want to risk it? You can't.

I want to see average athletes succeed only because they train and play harder and smarter than their competition. I want to see records set with natural-born instead of anabolic talent. That's why I want to see Jose Canseco rub our previously upturned noses in the lowly truth with "Juiced."

I don't care if he makes millions off the book. It will be worth it.

Skip Bayless joined ESPN after a career as a sports columnist that includes stops in Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and San Jose. He can be seen Monday through Friday on "Cold Pizza," ESPN2's morning show, and at 4 p.m. ET on ESPN's "1st & 10." His column will appear weekly on Page 2. You can e-mail Skip here.


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