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The "Lights" Go On
H.G. Bissinger's "Friday Night Lights," recently selected by ESPN as the best sports book of the last 25 years, holds the distinction of being our first ESPN Book Club selection. Published in 1990, the book is in the spotlight this week because it is finally hitting the silver screen in a new movie, starting Billy Bob Thornton.

This month, for our October Book Club get-together, we're taking on "Friday Night Lights" from every angle. We've got an excerpt from the book, introducing the saga of Boobie Miles, star running back for Odessa (Texas) Permian High School. Page 2's Sports Guy reviews the movie. And we look at the art of turning a sports book into a movie. Plus we have an interview with the author, and more.

So take in the bright "Lights" of page and screen.


Author H.G. "Buzz" Bissinger explains what drew him to "Friday Night Lights" and how the book changed him and the town of Odessa, Texas.

Boobie Miles' tragic fall was put on display in "FNL." Now, 16 years later, the former prep phenom reflects on what he learned from his "Mojo" days.

It's October, which means it's time for playoff baseball. baseball columnist Rob Neyer recommends the best World Series books ever.


Reel Life: How real is the movie?
How closely does the new movie follow the real story of the 1988 Permian Panthers? We compare the script with the story told in the book.

Hollywood Football: NFL players sound off
We talk to pro football players to get their take on whether football movies get the game right, and their critiques range from "very revealing" to "ridiculous."

Billy Bob comfortable under "Lights"
As the son of a high school coach and a former prep star in Arkansas, Billy Bob Thornton was well-suited for his role as the coach in "FNL."

McGraw shows his dark side
He's known as one of the good ol' boys of country music, but in "Friday Night Lights," Tim McGraw plays a football father with some serious issues.

Check out a clip from "Friday Night Lights" ESPN Motion
The effervescent Boobie Miles goes out of his way to try to put a smile on the face of stoic Permian quarterback Mike Winchell.

From 1998: "Friday Night Lights," 10 years later
ESPN takes a close look at Odessa, Texas, and the legacy of "Friday Night Lights."
Part 1: Mojo | Part 2: Bruised feelings | Part 3: How things have changed